Winter Snapshots

December 15, 2014
Alright ma peeps. Time for a totally self indulgent post full of me, my babies and our going ons. So I warn you, avert your eyes now if you have an aversion to baby snuggles and childhood wonderment because basically all this shamelessly is, is a way for me to make them a baby book without having to make them a baby book...

But mama! I promise we will only put our toes in! Just our toes! Please oh please can we play by the water?!?!?!
Ya right... just your toes.

I have been very blessed with three rugged and rambunctious wee ones who have no trouble with me saying. 'Let's go on an adventure!, and we end up poking our way through the local hiking trails for hours. They have no problem having very close encounters with dirt and bugs and muddy puddles, much to my ocd dismay. But this ^^^ is what I think about when I picture childhood and I am so glad that pops and I can provide this for them.

Stomping puddles like it's our biznas. We walked by a construction crew and I didn't realize they were watching us till I heard one of them ask, "Did I really just see you stomp in that puddle?' and I'm all 'Um yeah! Of course!'
It seems like all to often we forget about how fun and joyful the very simple things in life can be. Like stomping in puddles. 

making the rounds at the zoo. and of course I stop for all the touristy attractions and make the kids stand there while I take their pics... loading up my arsenal for when they are teens going on dates. 

My entire world all snuggled up in an armchair

So I may have an addiction to Christmas topiary trees. This is box one of three....

gathering the ranks together to help me with the tree. I start out thinking 'Simple', but that quickly turns into 'More More MORE!!!!' Bawhhahaha!!!!

We are currently in the process of relocating and we are narrowing down the search to a couple of places. More to share on that later, but we dragged the kids along with us during our first housing browse and stayed overnight in a cabin/hotel. This pic explains it all. I can totally remember how much dang fun hotels were when I was a kid. 


This boy and his epic bedhead. He is the epitome of 'slept hard'.

Duh! Of course we be all kinds of Christmas crafting up in this joint! Popsicle stick trees: jewels for the girls and nuts for the boys. And some adorable aqua painted Epsom salt and glitter covered mini houses. These are our 'Elf houses'. you know, the elves that get sent to your house to watch all the little girls and boys to see if they should be on the naughty or nice list. So yeah, I know that is totally the jist of all the elf on the self stuff, but I prefer it when they kids take part in helping me deceive them. 

Siblings anyone? Thought I would finish on a pic that is more real than real itself. 

Hope the holidays are treating you right!
xo Honor

Kristie Christmas Card... Sending love your way

December 15, 2014
Tis the season of holiday cards and I'd thought I share our pics with you. Who doesn't like getting cute mail?

Bawh! I love a good outtake wayyyy more than the purdy ones. Don't you? I mean, this is my life. The littlest one demanding attention, Lucas just like, 'Mama! Hurry up and take this damn thing already because I got my eye on that mud puddle and/or chicken over there and my clothes are just itching to get dirty!' and lou is being mama's sweet little angel helper, innocent right? No. She's just that crafty that she knows if she gets on my good side tasty things will be coming her way. She's a smart crafty cookie.
More Christmas card material right?

Let me tell ya, its a tough tough thing to do to get this man AND me in the same pic. Good enough tho....

Happy Holidays!

I'll be back to share some snapshots on what we've been up to.

Thanks for stopping by
xo Honor

Gilt Peace Sign: Tips and Tricks for Lettered Signs

November 22, 2014

Ah the good ol lettered sign. Such a time honored tradition when it comes to the holiday season. I'm sure you have all seen this version

via pottery barn

or this one 

again via pottery barn

So many cute varieties but so little time and so little money! The big retail names like restoration hardware, pottery barn and west elm have perfected such home decor, but that perfection will cost you a pretty penny, or two, or a hundred and two. So that's where this round up of tips and tricks will come in handy whenever you want to whip up some signage for your kitchen, office and of course holiday mantel.   

*Spray paint primer is your best friend. A quick base coat will speed up the whole shebang. You will use less paint in the long run and your dry time will be much quicker. A base coat is a must if you are using any fancy accent like gold leaf or liquid leaf, otherwise the wood or chipboard will soak up your whole bottle and dull the sheen. 

Vary the colors:
*Don't just use one color. Mix in a couple of accent colors or accent tones to add depth and character, otherwise it will look quick and cheap. My go to trick is to pick up a handful of house paint samples from Lowe's. I like how thick house paint is vs craft acrylic paint say from Hobby Lobby or Micheal's. Do one base color on top of the primer and then quickly blend in a couple of swipes of color before it dries. For my Peace sign I used a base neutral gray color and then blended in a light turquoise and light yellow color. 

Shiny is your best friend
*Who doesn't love a gilt edge or two? Or perhaps silver leaf is your thing? Especially when it comes to holiday decor, don't hold back when it comes to the glitz. Once you do a craft or two with it, a bottle of liquid leaf will soon take place as your most used craft tool. I know it has for me. From painting on fabric to glass to paper, the sheer multitude of uses is astounding!

Connection is key
* When connecting individual letters you can do a variety of things. I love the popsicle stick trick, as I demonstrated above. But if you don't have the space to store such an awkward piece of decor then I suggest using the ribbon trick. Connect each letter with a couple of piece of ribbon, that way you can fold the letters up and store when needed. Just make sure to make the ribbon pieces long enough so you are able to fold the letters back upon themselves.

Clear coat conundrum
*To sheen or not to sheen, that is the diy question of the day. I ALWAYS recommend sealing up your painted projects with a coat or two of clear coat. I prefer a nice satin to a high gloss, but that decision I leave up to you.

Hope this helps with your next letter diy. I know I stared at those rows and rows of letters in the craft stores for ages before garnering up the courage/inspiration to actually try something with them. They look full of potential, and when you know what to do with them they absolutely are!

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Honor
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