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The middle one... and me

Posted by Honor on Friday, October 3, 2014, In : Life At Home 
a few snaps of my favorite middle child.... and a couple of me

xo Honor

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Happy Birthday to Me with Bisquick Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, August 19, 2014, In : Life At Home 

   Another day another year older. Yesterday I turned 28. Twenty eight. Two and Eight. Twenty plus eight. Ten and a ten and a four and another four. No way around it, no matter how I write it I am no longer 'that young' or 'in my early twenties'. I have recently started using the 'twenty-something' phrase because I'm sure people won't believe me if I told them the age I feel like I am. Oh You know. Forever 21.  Hell I should have stopped going to that store YEARS ago but I just can't. In fac...

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As It Turns Into Summer....

Posted by Honor on Monday, June 16, 2014, In : Life At Home 

We go off the grid. As in nada, nothing, zilch-o in the technology-o department.  Like a detox for the soul. 

At least that is the plan so far....

   At the beginning of the year I was finding our lives getting more and more chaotic. Fights were spurred by the smallest things, stress levels were at boiling points and our house had simply lost that 'zen' feeling. I kept on cleaning, cooking and doing the same ol thing but all the while thinking to myself, 'What is going on here?! Something has g...

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This Girl is on Fi-airrrrrr! (Well... almost). Thoughts on the wild fires across San Diego

Posted by Honor on Saturday, May 17, 2014, In : Life At Home 

      Taken from my kitchen window, looking west towards Camp Pendelton or the Tomahawk Fire. 

      As a girl basically born, raised and lived her entire life in southern cali, I am very well acquainted with mother nature's burning wrath. Literally a 'burning' wrath. 'Wildfires' or brush fires are a force of nature that have become part of our every day vocab here in the west. Living in these parts you hear over and over phrases like 'brush fire', 'red flag warning' and 'containment' as in 10...

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Skillet Pancakes Two Ways: Dutch Baby & Cakey Strawberry

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, May 13, 2014, In : Recipes 
   It's been one of those weeks ya know? Well last week was one of those weeks and it's tapering off into this one. But it's safe to say that the nightmare is lifting and we are seeing through the fog, or is it the fog is lifting and we have seen it through to the end of the nightmare? I don't knowssss. But anyways last week was One of those weeks where the baby is fussy every two minutes and the older two are in a love hate love love love hate hate hate relationship right now where they refu...

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What'chu Talkin Bout?

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, April 29, 2014, In : Life At Home 

   Oh mommy life lessons...they are some tough ones to get a handle on sometimes. Tricky how you think you've got things nailed down then these silly little things called kiddos set you straight again that, no honey, you are anything but perfect.
 Cut to scene. We had some friends over for a nice BBQ and after lunch the hooligans raced around the back yard on bikes and such but Lou decided to cozy up to one of our fella friends by sitting in his lap. Funny. She does that a lot. Lord help me no...

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My Ode to Domestic Goddesship

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, In : Life At Home 

   That's it. Last night I figured it out. I have simply been born into the wrong era. I belong in a simpler time where a woman's ability to mend boo-boos, get that tricky stain out and make a perfect chocolate souffle were cherished, admired and applauded. Instead, nowadays, I feel like society deems a SAHM (or stay at home mother for those of yous not well versed in the mommy chat room short hand) as not enough. As in there is something ELSE you should be doing with your time. A job more wo...

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To Miss Judgy Wudgy

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, In : Life At Home 

   Why oh why do women feel the need to judge!? To make evil maniacal snap judgements?! And then feel the need to make such (blatantly wrong) thoughts known? It causes me (and I'm sure you) all sorts of unwanted and certainly unneeded stress! Don't you recognize a woman on the brink when you see one?!?! As in right here ripping her hair out shouting 'You idiot!!"
   Don't push me sister.... yet you do time and time again.
 Ah alas. I'm so guilty of this (mercy, please), as we all are. For e...

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It's All Fun and Games Till Someone Takes the Bunny Ears Away

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, March 25, 2014, In : Life At Home 
    Annnnd it happened. Mommy dearest here had her first major freak out WTF I can't handle this shiznit moment. Got way to big for ma britches, getting all cocky thinkin I got this mom of three thang down pat. I'm still licking my emotional wounds for that mistake.
       Because of Matt's odd 'Dupont' work schedule there are many a'weekends that I am left to my lonesome manning the decks with the littles. Like this fateful Saturday. Scene. We were out of diapers. Yeah I know, bad mom bad...

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Insta Update: First Month Mom of Three Thought Dump

Posted by Honor on Friday, March 14, 2014, In : Life At Home 

  Ok. So we survived. Actually, I survived, the first month of being a mom of three, three and under. No major snafus or houses burning down, no mental breakdowns, no broken bones or bloody noses.... definitively a floor pounding tantrum or two. By me. Not the toddler. But all in all I kept my shiznit together. Holla!
  So a couple of days ago I was totally congratulating myself on the heroic feat of braving Costco with three littles. Thinking 'Oh look at me, I'm so totally a Super Mom!'......
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Leland's Newborn Photo Shoot With Two Roses Photography

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, March 5, 2014, In : Life At Home 
   Alright, back for round two and three of my session with Two Roses Photography. In case you missed it, Amanda from Two Roses preformed an absolute miracle and created these beautiful maternity images. Check check check em out.... but now on to the adorableness that is newborns. Please be patient as they load... also I apologize for the overload on photos of  my baby/my family/moi... but then again I don't. This is me, my life and all that I dearly care about. It's such a joyous time in ...
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My Maternity Shoot With Two Roses Photography

Posted by Honor on Friday, February 21, 2014, In : Life At Home 

   I just got the final product back of my maternity shoot with my good friend Amanda of Two Roses Photography.... how do I sum up my feelings/thoughts about em? Stoked?! Ecstatic?! Absolutely flabbergasted that she totally captured what I was looking for?! Yep. All of the above and so much more. 

   I was hesitant to do a maternity shoot (at first) because in my opinion most turn out super cheesy with a side of cheese and just end up making the mama look large and uncomfortable. But I knew I...

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Welcome Leland Richard Kristie!

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, February 18, 2014, In : Life At Home 

   He is here! We are so proud/happy/exhausted to announce his blessed arrival at 4:30 pm on Monday February the 10th. He was my biggest (but oh so perfectly sized) baby yet at 7 lbs 8oz and 19 & 3/4" tall.
  It's been a week and I couldn't be more happy with how things are settling in. He is happy/content/power champ at nursing and generally just a great baby. Lucas was a lot like this and I am so relieved that Leland is just as calm as his older brother. Lou and Lucas are adjusting well too...

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The Calm Before the Storm, Or the Morning before Baby

Posted by Honor on Sunday, February 9, 2014, In : Life At Home 

 I sit here writing in the wee hours of morning the day before our baby boy #3 will make his grand debut. I shoulda seen this coming a mile away. All of my babes have some sort of 10 in their birthdays and all were waaaaaaayyyyy overdue.   
    My Doc say, 'Oh you are just such a good cook they never want to leave. Some ladies, like you, are blessed with the burden of carrying for 41 to 42 weeks.'
Ahhhhh, no thanks. This mama is done... ka-put.... ready to pop... hit her limit. I stop and li...

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Insta Update

Posted by Honor on Friday, January 3, 2014, In : Life At Home 

Can't beat this right?^^^^^ Making sand angels on New Year's Day?!?!

   Just a little family tradition that my parents did with me growing up and I will dutifully pass down to my littles as long as we are blessed to live in beautiful San Diego. It's been a crazy couple of weeks right? It's not just me right? Right?!
  I feel like life has been speeding up quite a bit lately. With the babes on a constant whirlwind and baby #3 soon to make his appearance, I'm starting to get some major anxiety....

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Christmas Family Photo 2013

Posted by Honor on Friday, December 27, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Merry Christmas Y'all! Hope it was a magical, wonderful, joyful celebration full of love and merriment of all kinds.

So here I am @ 34 weeks preggo, in bright and shiny red. JOY... but no really... JOY :)  . For all of my timidness getting my picture taken during this, shall we say, puffy time, I am full of joy and thankful that I kicked my but into the frame. Gotta be present and take part of the family right?! Not just stuck behind the camera.

And here is my family sans a few beloveds who we...

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Tis the Season of Joy

Posted by Honor on Monday, December 23, 2013, In : Life At Home 

"These are a few of my favorite things".... :)

I love this photo reel. My hubs's first words when he saw it was "Weekend and Bernies" hahahaha

Just me and my peeps having a great time at a great friend's wedding in a great little town.... everything was/is great!

Hope this holiday season is a full of joy for you as it possibly can


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Insta Update: Holiday Happenings

Posted by Honor on Monday, December 9, 2013, In : Life At Home 

   The holidays are here in full effect. Decorating, baking and shopping are pretty much filling up the calendar. Not to mention a winter wedding (which the entire fam will making an appearance in... dot dot dot.... me included at 32 weeks preggo. J.O.Y).
  So here is a quick update to the holiday happenings around this holiday house. The image above is me in heaven. Anthropologie heaven. After years of struggling to get the husband something he REALLY wants for Christmas, I finally relented ...

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Ways to Get Out The Gratefulness

Posted by Honor on Thursday, November 7, 2013, In : Life At Home 
    Yes, you could say these thoughts are brought on by the impending holiday season. Or yes, you could say they have been brought on by the impending person growing in my belly. Either or, I feel that it's time to talk about it. Time for me to work it out. Time for me to verbally (visually? Typothetically?) let it out. What I'm talking about is gratefulness. How to go about getting it. Working on it. Keeping it. Growing it. I feel gratefulness is a muscle that must be stretched and worked...

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Playing with Vintage Glass

Posted by Honor on Monday, October 21, 2013, In : Life At Home 

  Hey-o! Over the weekend we finally got a card reader that would read the ancient compact flash drive of this old (ok... so it's not that old, but old in the current scheme of camera technology) camera. It's a SLR, yes SLR not DSLR. While this camera and vintage glass lens produces gorgeous pictures (as evidence presented in this post) it doesn't have an automatic focus, so capturing life (as it moves at one and three year old lighting speeds) can be difficult. So with great patience and a q...

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We be bump'n it.... Baby Boy Style

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, September 25, 2013, In : Life At Home 
   Yes. It's true. Sooner than later the boys will out number the girls in the Kristie household. Am I psyched? Yes! A little terrified? Most definitely. Boys are a whole other story (than girls) when it comes to their mamas. My little lou has always been so content entertaining herself and if she felt so inclined she might bring a book or a toy to my attention if she wanted my participation. But my little bubba? If he is not suction cup tentacled to my leg, shoving a picture book in my face ...
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Just a thought or two

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, September 10, 2013, In : Life At Home 

I call this: The Art Of Feeding Seagulls

   Feeling very blessed as of late. Nothing really exciting or unusual has happened, I was just able to sit back (on a completely deserted trip to the beach) and think about a few things. There is something so 'soul searching' about sitting on a beach thinking about things right? Basically I am feeling very blessed about my life because of the people I have in it. How I feel about my life and where I am at in it.... that is always an up and down kinda f...

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Insta Update: Last of the Summer Soak Up

Posted by Honor on Monday, September 9, 2013, In : Life At Home 
Just a little sneak peek into our end of summer life. It has been a whirl wind and then not, like a tornado then like an Alaskan glaicer, like zip zoom zow then moooovvviiiinnngggg rrrreeeaaalllyyyy sssslllloooowwwlllyyyy..... know what I mean? When you are in the moment life seems to be dripping by so slowly like pouring cold honey, but then you blink and it's like what the hey? Where did August go? Well that's what I been feeling.

  What I have been doing is a whole lotta rearranging. The l...

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The Big Chop

Posted by Honor on Thursday, August 29, 2013, In : Life At Home 
Well..... I did it. I chopped off all my hairs. It only took me 27 years to work up enough courage to do it (first year doesn't count as I was a baldy).

Wait before you all yell and scream at me 'Why???? But WHYYYYY!!!!!!?????'.... (as my husband may or may not of done).... I have been WANTING to do this for years. Really, years. But change is kinda scary right?! But good. But scary.

So blame it on the pregnancy hormones. My violent heat flashes. Hours spent on pinterest looking at this

and thi...

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It's My Burfday

Posted by Honor on Monday, August 19, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Sunday was my 28th bday. And it was fabulous.

Was I treated to a limo, pop a bottle of champagne and laden with oodles of diamonds?

Nope. No sir-ee.

I got to have fresh cinnamon rolls from the bakery (ie no cooking/clean up for moi), driven to a barn sale where the hubs entertained to kiddos so I could dig in silence and then finished up the day having dinner with my mama, papa, brother, hubs and babies at the local taco joint on the outside patio.


Funny how the tables have turned. When I...

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Summer is Smokin

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, August 6, 2013, In : Life At Home 

 The heat wave has finally hit us here is SoCal. So far we have been blessed with a very thick and lingering marine layer this summer, but it's finally burned off and all the UVA/UVB/Infrared/Lazer Beam Rays are hitting us full force. So on the agenda is lots of beach and splash pad time. Basically I follow one of my most important motherhood mottoes, "When in doubt, Place in water". It instantly chills the littles out. Literally and figuratively.

This guy was ready to roll and I could barely...

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Three Babies? This is Uncharted Territory

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, July 31, 2013, In : Life At Home 
   I went to the Dr for a checkup and came out fourth months pregnant! What a surprise to say the least. Mostly I was shocked, followed by short bursts of joy then the finale of an acute panic attack. Guess that explains the extreme exhaustion, upswing in incredible moodiness and general nausea that overwhelmed me when I was around any type of food. Kinda like DUH!

  Three Babies? This is uncharted territory. I am one of two. All of my friends growing up were one of two. Anyone I could turn to...
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Insta Update

Posted by Honor on Monday, July 29, 2013, In : Life At Home 
My life lately according to instagram

Little man dominating his big sis by stuffing her (not really) into a diaper box
My (upcoming) birthday present form the hubs.... a giant California Pepper tree
My little pirate. So many things to love about this pic. The mismatched shoes, ice princess dress, sword, sun bathing bear and all the accessories...
He is just like his pops.. always workin on something
water from a hose tastes so much better right?!
I surprised the hubs with some ticket...
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Happy Weekend & Painted Bookcase Inspo

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, July 23, 2013, In : Pinspiration 

  This weekend was a good one. Full of friends, carnivals, movies and concerts. And it started off being planned as a 'staycation' where our family would hole up in the house and not . do . a . thang. Funny how summer does that. You start off with nothing then sooner than you know you have a whole lotta something full of fun people in fun places. It was a life saver. Mama was definitely in a funk and needed a reminder not to be so uptight. Family is messy and that is the way it should be, not...

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Today, I ran away... from my kids

Posted by Honor on Friday, July 19, 2013, In : Life At Home 

   I literally raced out of the room through the bathroom into my bedroom slamming and sliding doors along the way only to fall into a heap of tears and sleep deprived anguish. Two seconds later I hear a crash bang boom and both kids are shoving each other out of the way to open the doors I closed and throw themselves against the door I was walled up against. Crying... whining... yelling... Mama MAMA MAMA!!!! and shoving their stubby little fingers under the door trying to get to me. 


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That man sure can take some pictures

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, July 3, 2013, In : Life At Home 

    Warning warning warning... the following post is ridden with baby pictures. So if chunky cheeks, squishy thighs, sausage toes and poochy bellies offend, please avert your eyes now!

    But if not... this one is for you. BTW All the pictures we taken by my husband! Holler for having someone else behind the camera lens for once.... not that I even made it into a single photo! Oh well! But that man was all about this young blonde babe ^^^^

   Interesting how I can see a difference in the expre...

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Gone Fish'in

Posted by Honor on Friday, June 21, 2013, In : Life At Home 

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Joining the Crew Team

Posted by Honor on Thursday, June 20, 2013, In : Life At Home 

   I knew it was coming. My baby boy had to get a buzz. With a former military man as a father (who has had a crew cut his entire life), I knew my fine, fair haired babe was destined for the clippers. But don't fret! I am hoping that now it will bounce back and grow in thick. (but if not, I saved a few of his four inch locks as a memento.) In all fairness this little tyke had a serious Wisconsin waterfall goin on. We tried with all our might to wrestle and wrangle him with some scissors and a...
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Happy Father's Day To All You Pops Out There

Posted by Honor on Monday, June 17, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers (and father figures) out there!
The realest and manliest men I know are fathers. Tough enough to get over their own egos and play dress up, tea parties and paint nails for all the little princesses. Or patient enough to show their micro mini-mes how to loop de loop and knot some shoe laces.
Between my own father, my husband and father-in-law, I (and my babies) have been extremely blessed to have such amazing, loving, caring, patient and knowledge filled me...

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Family Fun: San Diego County Fair

Posted by Honor on Friday, June 14, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Whew this family is tuckered! As in kaput.... Doneskey... Zonked.... As in my achin back, feet and knees!
But, all in all Lou's fantastical third birthday at the county fair was a success. I don't think that little gal could have been any happier. She was literally bounding, skipping and leaping around for the whole day. Squeals of joy could be heard on the minute, every minute. From the barns full of animals, to the games, to the rides and of course the fair treats, I think this one is for th...

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Lucinda Lou!

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, June 12, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Happy Magical 3rd Birthday to our crazy firecracker whippersnapper sweet baby girl, Lucinda Lou! You are endlessly joyful, hilarious and stubborn. Without you our hearts would be incomplete. We love you SO!

Off to the county fair we go with Gran & Gramps, then we'll finish up the happy day with some strawberry poke cake :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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Kickin It Hickerbilly Style

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, June 5, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Hillbilly... hickerbilly... what ever you call it, THIS. is. how. you. do. it.

Two restless, hot and sticky kids
One craigslist jump house
One wonky tarp tied on for shade
Wrench on that hose full power

let'em go

Like'a wave pool and McDonald's playplace all in the comfort of your very own driveway.

Such a boy ^^^^

Thanks for stopping by!

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DIY Rugs Roundup

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, June 4, 2013, In : Crafter's Toolbox 

I love rugs! One of the easiest ways to update a room. But whoa nelly! Rugs sure do get pricy quick. So here is a quick and (not so) dirty round up of my favorite DIY rugs from around the inter-webs. Enjoy!

1| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

Thanks for stopping by!

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Summa Summa

Posted by Honor on Monday, June 3, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Everyone else ready for summer? This fam damily is! Summer for us is all about birthday parties, the beach, the Del Mar Fair (which now apparently is called the San Diego Country fair, but to me it will always be the Del Mar Fair), the horse track/races and finding new and creative ways to beat the heat. Pool noodle, water balloon, hose and sprinkler obstacle course anyone?

Hope your weekend was fun and family filled. Just an fyi, the DIYn might slow down a bit because I am finding myself more...

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Life Lately

Posted by Honor on Friday, May 31, 2013, In : Life At Home 
Life Lately. Here is a bit of what we've been up to. You can follow me on insta @HonorKristie

Let's see.... we have been painting murals, shooting squirrels ^^^^^ and mama got some new bling ;) (goodbye solitaire hello fancy schmancy setting!)
Also, did some gardening with my new pal snakey-poo and got an epic haul from Mathilda's Mouse for less than $60!
Life is good. Goody good good.
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Happy Memorial Day

Posted by Honor on Monday, May 27, 2013, In : Life At Home 
Happy Memorial Day to you and yours.

    May this day be full of friends, family and lots of love. Historically this day is to remember those who have fought and lost their lives in service to our country, but it's really so much more. Without these brave & strong men and women I sure as hell would not be here today making do-dads and writing about my carefree children. These people and have paved the 'American Way' with their backs and I for one, am thankful and GOD DAMN PROUD TO BE AN AMERI...
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Dirt Won't Hurt

Posted by Honor on Thursday, May 16, 2013, In : Life At Home 

We are dirt people. Shoes off, hose on, toes in the mud, under fingernails and yes, smudged on the face. I was brought up under the guidance of a master green thumb (my mama-dearest) and she passed on a deep appreciation and love of cultivating mother nature. While I am still learning my P's and Q's of the landscaping laws, I sure do love the ride (again with my cliches... I just can't help myself). If I can pass on just one of my interests to my baby-kins I hope it's a passion for the outdoo...

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Happy Mama's Day to.... Me!

Posted by Honor on Monday, May 13, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Hey-O! Gotta give props to yourself when you can.
My kids are happy, healthy and clean (most of the time) So for the most part I think I'ma doing ok. A pat on the back, foot massage, facial, pedicure, voodoo zen relaxation take-5-years-off-my-face treatment is in order. I love being in love with my babies and I know they know that. So a great big hoorah! to my fellow mamas and for everyone with a mama's heart for that matter. You don't have to have literally pushed out a watermelon to be a ...

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Chicago Spring Vacation Recap

Posted by Honor on Thursday, May 9, 2013, In : Life At Home 

I know,  the picture above is not quite the image you think of when you hear the words, "Vacation in Chicago". But that's how we like it. Just a dab of the city will do ya. Our family is located about an hour & 1/2 to the west of the city in a quaint town surrounded by corn/wheat/soy fields neighbored by more quaint towns followed by more corn//wheat/soy fields and so on and so on. It doesn't take long to get deep into the heartland of America.
The trip was a success. A much needed refueling ...

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Have You Met My Daughter Yet?

Posted by Honor on Monday, April 29, 2013, In : Life At Home 
Welcome to the world of Lucinda Lou...

This is her. My daughter. This is typical Lou Lou. She is supposed to be napping, but instead she decided to sneak attack her sleeping baby brother with bombs of baby powder followed by globs of shaving cream and the final 'umphf' on top of the catastrophe cake was a shower of tampon confetti (don't fret it was a brand new box). A whippersnapper, firecracker and high spirited are all mild compared to what is my daughter. While some ask 'How do you deal?' ...
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Girlfriends: Gotta Have Em

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, April 17, 2013, In : Life At Home 

I am all tingling with excitement! My monthly book club meeting was last night and it was such a touching moment in my life. Why, you ask? Not because anything particularly spectacular or crazy happened, it was spectacular just because of the point where we all are at in life. So much is going on in our little circle of friends. A baby just arrived, two marriages just happened, one engagement, one pregnancy announcement, crazy world travel... whew I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I am so...

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Happy First Birthday Little Man!

Posted by Honor on Monday, April 8, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Little man's stats board. A canvas sprayed with chalkboard paint and then decorated with chalkboard markers. While it was supposed to be temporary, I'm thinkin this baby is going on permanent display.

Please excuse my absence for the past couple of days... but I have been a lil busy bee prepping for and then celebrating my son's first birthday! I'm like Whooot Whoot  on the outside and like boo who on the inside! I can/can't believe my chunk-a-monk is one year old. Some moments seemed to pass...

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Happy Easter 2013

Posted by Honor on Monday, April 1, 2013, In : Life At Home 

We take our egg hunt very serious in this family.

Hope you all had a very happy Easter. Full of friends, family and lots of fun.

And chocolate too.

That kinda goes with out saying.

Thanks for stopping by!

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When in doubt, place in water

Posted by Honor on Friday, March 29, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Garden hose + dirt = awesome baby sitter while I dig holes and spread gravel near by.

Thank god for mud

Really... thank you.

and thank you for stopping by!

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Happy Third Anniversary... to Me (and my husband)!

Posted by Honor on Thursday, March 21, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Today my husband and I celebrate our third anniversary. Yeah for us! A lot has happened in those three years, so much to be very very thankful for. Two babies, a place we call our own, healthy and loving families, wonderful career opportunities... the weather, jk. But in reality we lived a very blessed life and I understand that and try to never take it for granite. Life can seem so fleeting, that it really is our duty to savor the sweetest moments and quickly forget the sour notes. Sounds li...

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Most Magical Place Eva!

Posted by Honor on Thursday, March 14, 2013, In : Life At Home 

disneyland.... Disneyland.... DISNEYLAND!!!!

It was sunny and beautiful and magical and wonderful and madness and amazing people watching and lesson learning and delicious and intense and hilarious and, well, everything! Every type of emotion and experience jamb packed into one day, one place one moment in time. Talk about sensory overload. We are still super tired, feels like I just ran a marathon... not that I have ever run a marathon... but I imagine my feet would feel just. like. this.

I am...

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Inspirational Places: Balboa Park

Posted by Honor on Friday, March 8, 2013, In : Life At Home 
The little ones and I went to a fantastic place this week looking to have an adventure. It was a magical wonderland full of lollipops and gargoyles. Well, no lollipops but there were definitely gargoyles! We ventured to Balboa Park,  hugely important point of historical interest here in San Diego. Here is what wikipedia has to say about it..

Balboa Park is a 1,200-acre urban cultural park in San Diego, California. In addition to open space areas, natural vegetation green belts, gardens and wal...
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Weekend Wildflowers

Posted by Honor on Monday, March 4, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Weekends like what just happened, remind me why our family is so blessed to live in southern California... and why we will never ever never ever never never NEVER move away. Unless we have to. Begrudgingly, I would welcome new adventures and new locations but not with out a great big harumph!!!! first.
Our weather was splendid, the wildflowers are blooming (spring comes extra extra early here) and the big man had the weekend off. Triple threat. We BBQ'd with close friends. We planted our zinni...

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Making: A Quick Getaway

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, February 26, 2013, In : Life At Home 

I make things for a living and a big part of my 'making' life is.... well.... making memories.

This past week the mister was struck by an idea (a genius idea at that!), that our little miss Lou with the attitude has never played in snow. I know what you are thinking... 'poor you in beautiful southern California and your year round tubular weather'. (and Dude, let me tell ya, it is tubular)
Well, yeah! Boo-hoo for us! Snow is awesome. Awesome awesome awesome. And we are just s...

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Home Tour on Life Made Lovely Reveal

Posted by Honor on Friday, February 22, 2013, In : Home Sneek Peek 

Boy am I feeling the love this week. Not only was my DIY anthro mugs featured on Knock Off Decor, but now my great room/kitchen tour is on Life Made Lovely! If you get a chance please take a moment to check it out. I had a lot of fun writing this post and I hope you enjoy (and perhaps gather a little inspiration?)
Thanks for stopping by!

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Cali: I'm Your Biggest Fan

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, In : Life At Home 

Oh California I'm coming home
Oh make me feel good rock 'n' roll band
I'm your biggest fan
California I'm coming home

Lyrics courtesy of Joni Mitchell from the song California.

I love living here in the wild wild west. In the land of the untamed and free. It fills your lungs up so full of fresh air that at any moment they might just burst. Nothing clears the head and the heart more than a hike into the great wilderness. These photos were taken on a crisp morning when the sky was so blue and the...

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A Girl and Her Grandpa

Posted by Honor on Friday, February 15, 2013, In : Life At Home 

   I have just begun a giant family photo editing spree and had to share this sweet pic of my girl with her grandpa. This was taken while the in laws were out here for a little vacation just a few weeks ago. Lou gets to facetime with her grandpa & grandma almost everyday,  but nothing compares to a good ol fashioned cuddle. What a lucky little girl to have a grandpa so devoted as he.
Hop you have something fun for the weekend. My home tour will be up soon and I will pass on the details.
Thanks ...

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Life Lately

Posted by Honor on Monday, February 4, 2013, In : Life At Home 
Here are a few snapshots of the going-ons in our life right now. Hectic yet slow at the same time. Like running in place. Know what I mean?

Our little country road got repaved. Very interesting and educational to watch. Before this I had no idea how our roads were put together. It smelled awful, was super noisy, but mostly I was glad to see where all our HOA money was going.(Super OUCH! on the pocket book for the next few months)

Now that is fresh! It was smokin!

Told ya we made an event of it. ...

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Tough Cookie

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, January 29, 2013, In : Life At Home 

  Dairy of parenting a strong willed child: Part one.

  Buying a mattress.

  To say that my first born, Lou, is a strong willed child is like calling the grand canyon just a valley. True in essence, but greatly inadequate in description.
  This little one has tested me more than anyone or anything else. A constant button pusher. A true inquisitor. Master of patience draining.
  Good thing they are so darn cute at this age, right? Or who knows what could happen when a tired mama is pushed past h...

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Pillow Mosh Pit

Posted by Honor on Thursday, January 24, 2013, In : Life At Home 

 I am ecstatic that these two really enjoy each others company. They giggle and laugh and talk to each other. Well, Lou talks and the little man ' Mamamamama ma MA mama MAMAMAM's' at her. Lou is generous with her toys but he is much more interested in her. Sprint crawling after her if she saunters away. She is gentle with him (most of the time anyway). I am also very surprised that she tolerates little man getting a tad more attention right now. Nursing, crawling up the stairs, diapers... you...

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Get Away for a Bit

Posted by Honor on Thursday, January 10, 2013, In : Life At Home 
Sometimes you just gotta. Disappear for a minute or two. Immerse yourself into the natural world. Become one with nature. Yes, a silly cliche, but at the same time so freeing and centering.
   We had a scary experience the other night. While on the way back from my monthly book club with my lady friends I ran out of gas on the freeway. With both kids in tow. Out of gas. Car shuttering to a stop. I just barely made it over to the center divider out of traffic. The gas gauge went out in my car a...
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Merry Christmas 2012

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, December 26, 2012, In : Life At Home 
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

This coming year is shaping up to be an epic one for this little family and DIY/Craft blog. Lots of fun collaborations are lined up!
 Thank you so much for stopping by! We really appreciate all your support and love of crafts. Here are a few snapshots from our quiet Christmas.

My brother, the dog whisperer

Our annual sparkle Christmas sweater family photo (will post the previous ones soon). All the sweaters (and party dress and onesie) ...

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Sad sad day

Posted by Honor on Saturday, December 15, 2012, In : Life At Home 
  My heart and soul goes out to those parents that lost their babies today. I can't imagine the excruciating pain and sadness they are living in.

   What happened to school being the safest place for your family?

   I can see that people have already dove deep into the debate of gun control, but that is not what we should be focusing on. We should be gathering around to see how we can help these poor poor families. Why do we resort to bickering when we should be gathering the troops (figura...
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Lipstick Break

Posted by Honor on Monday, November 26, 2012, In : Life At Home 

In the middle of our Christmas crafting, Lou took it upon herself to have a little lipstick break. Not a snack break, not a toy break... no, not even a candy break. This little curmudgeon stealthy crept up to my bathroom and carefully applied my deepest and brightest MAC lipstick. Then popped back down stairs to say "Mama, I'm ready. Let's go to town."
She is a beauty don't you think?
Lots on the Christmas crafting agenda. I have a DIY burlap advent calendar and stockings coming up next.

Thanks ...

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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by Honor on Friday, November 23, 2012, In : Life At Home 
Some days I just want to package up and put in my pocket for a rainy (or super stressful!) day. This camping trip is rounding out the top five most special days in my life. Two babies, marriage, buying a house and collage graduation are the others. Our mini camping trip was the first go with our retro camping trailer. Just perfect. Tight quarters indeed, but sometimes you want to be in arms reach your family at all times. Here are just a few snaps from our trip. Thought I would share. Hope yo...
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Not all day everyday, but yes every day.

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, November 14, 2012, In : Life At Home 
Oh Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte! (from Sex and the City).... I love your honest to goodness totally naive heart. Yes, sometimes the whole 'In love with love' thing can get a little obnoxious, but there certainly is something to be learned from her comment on her level of happiness with her marriage and life. Even in my most hectic days I strive to find the happiness, sometimes they might be fleeting but they are there. When you actually take a step back to breathe it all in, you will find ...
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The Davenport

Posted by Honor on Monday, November 5, 2012, In : Life At Home 

I Love love love this snapshot of them. I will have to look back on this when they are tearing each others hair out and say to them, 'SEE!!! You can get along!'

Welcome to our new haven. This chartreuse and cream floral wonder is our 'new' sofa. Eight feet long of vintage cushy pillow wonderful. I have recently vowed to myself that old is the new 'new'. No more new furniture when there are plenty of hardy handcrafted in the US of A battleships out there. I haven't named this beauty yet but I a...
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Reason #1,329,901 Why I Love This Man

Posted by Honor on Thursday, November 1, 2012, In : Life At Home 
He wears our babies, and looks damn good doing it. Nuff said

   Our little owl and her uncle. Uncles are the greatest, aren't they? I have so many fond memories of my favorite uncle. Yes, I said it... favorite. I was like a kid the night before Christmas when I knew he was coming for a visit (It also helps that he was more like a big brother than an Uncle being 19 years my fathers junior). I have a feeling my brother will be Lou's fav. He is her go-to person when we are playing make believe.

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Boo Y'all

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, October 31, 2012, In : Life At Home 

Happy Halloween!!! Just finished up this little nugget's costume and about to finish Lou's. A few snaps before we head out to go trick and treating. Yes.... trick and treat. Because with these three you never know, and my husband is the worst! Scaring babies and kittens is one of his favorite past time (Not really... well maybe a little)

Wax lips anyone?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Posted by Honor on Tuesday, October 30, 2012, In : Life At Home 
Look at him... he is so proud! He is doing his homework. Practicing his crawling, stretching and pull ups. Baby homework. I on the other hand am being a good California voter and doing my research on all the current ballot measures. Are you being a good voter? A good American? When you really think about it... what a great privilege we have to be able to vote. I hold it near and dear to my heart. Ok, enough of that stuff and back to gazing in amazement at this handsome little guy and his gymn...

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A Girl and Her Dog

Posted by Honor on Monday, October 29, 2012, In : Life At Home 

smooch! So adorable and yes, a little yucky.

Everyone always says 'A boy and his dog...'. Well? What about us girls?

I have tons of fond memories of our family dog. Our family pooch was a Newfoundland aka BIG BLACK BEAR. Her name was Alakazam or Ali. She let me put daisies in her hair and fall asleep cuddled up in her paws. I miss her. My goodness how fresh those memories stay!

   Welcome Willy! We rescued this retired ranch mutt a few weeks ago and he has turned out to be a HUGE blessing for o...

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Stop It Little Man!

Posted by Honor on Thursday, October 25, 2012, In : Life At Home 

You are NOT supposed to be crawling, sitting up and trying to stand at 6 months! I want my mushy gushy cuddle wulldedkins back! (don't worry you always will be... even when you are 180lbs and over 6 feet)

Big sis was in the tub and he wanted in! NOW!

This is a big reminder that I MUST enjoy and cherish each and everyday because it goes SO much faster with the second one... sigh

Thanks for stopping by!

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Range Time

Posted by Honor on Thursday, October 25, 2012, In : Love'n Etsy 

sneaky sneak!!!

I caught you!!!

   As much as guns frighten me, I really do appreciate having a husband that knows how to handle them (He knows what the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks he is doing!). I feel safer knowing that we are protected, not only by his cool as a cucumber head but his steady hand as well. I love that he has a hobby that he enjoys so very much. It is clear as day, the joy just beams from his smile when he nails 25, then 50, and then 75 clays in a row!
  But more importantly our e...
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Peek A Boo!

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, October 23, 2012, In : Life At Home 
Adventures in Hide-N-Seek with a two year old & a dutch door

I found you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Soggy Sunday Smiles

Posted by Honor on Monday, October 22, 2012, In : Life At Home 

Rain rain come again any day you please :)
We love rain here in this household. My plants were very thirsty and we were in dire need of a dress up day. That was our weekend in a nutshell. Story time, dress up and lots of smiles.
Hope you had a pleasant week end.
I am working on a super cute project for the kiddos. Pics and a DIY coming next!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Harveston Lake (Duckies!)

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, October 17, 2012, In : Life At Home 

What a feeding frenzy!
Between her and the ducks our bits of bread didn't last more than 5 minutes. I must say that they were the most aggressive ducks/geese/water fowl I have ever ventured to feed.

We are talking swarms here! Even pecked our toes!

So I am thinking that maybe Lou with the attitude ate the bread out of self defense.

So besides our sore pecked toes and dodging the mass amounts of duck poop, it was a pretty nice little morning for us.

Thanks for stopping by!

I even caught the culp...

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A Boy and His Papa

Posted by Honor on Tuesday, October 16, 2012, In : Life At Home 

Why so serious?!
These two. I just can't get enough. Such a special bond between a father and his son. I really couldn't ask for a better father to my children. I was raised in a very lovey-dovey-mushy-gushy-never-ending-hugs-and-smooches type of home and strive to create that type of environment for these two little nuggets. And the hubs obliges. He heaps on the cuddles and smooches just as much as I do. I really think that is important. To have a loving father figure.... none of that 'we do...

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Misty Memories

Posted by Honor on Friday, October 12, 2012, In : Life At Home 

    Lou with the attitude is off to get her first puppy dog with her papa this morning. Exciting yes, but am I ready for this? Two kiddos under three and a puppy dog?
I guess so.
I know so.

  A dog will complete our little family (well for just a little bit anyway... you never know when that baby feeling will kick in again!)

Hope you all are having a great week and have some fun plans for the weekend. Our Halloween extravaganza is tomorrow so I am a party preppin mo fo!

Here are some cute sn...
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Happy 6 Months Little Buddy

Posted by Honor on Wednesday, October 10, 2012, In : Life At Home 

My little main man is 6 months old today. Boy oh boy does it go fast!

I really couldn't ask for a more happy, more peaceful, more loving little squishy-mushy-tub-of-love. Yes I am biased. Yes, this is nothing new. Every mama has thought this, said this, lived this.... but oh well. This is my little space of the inter-webs to declare my unending love for my little baby boy.
He will always be my little baby boy. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Nuff said.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Future Best Friends? Here is Hoping!

Posted by Honor on Monday, October 8, 2012, In : Life At Home 

   Put little man down for a nap and ran to the restroom. I thought Lou with the Attitude was munching on some cheerios in her room but I thought wrong. I left the RR and was drawn in to our bedroom by the joyful sound of giggling. Lou thought better of nap time and decided it was playtime. So she helped herself into his playpen and proceeded to tickle little man. Both were giggling and laughing up a storm. Boy do I hope their friendship stays strong and that they will grow up loving each oth...

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Visiting Ghosts

Posted by Honor on Monday, August 27, 2012, In : Life At Home 
This weekend my parents, the babies and I flew up to Portland Oregon to visit my grandmother. She is my one and only grandmother, as my maternal one passed before I could meet her. (That statement makes me sad because from all the stories I hear about Betty Lou, she and I would have been thick as thieves. With our similar tempers, predilections to having flocked wallpaper on the ceiling and a devotion to anything sweet ).
   But GM Mary Jane couldn't be sweeter. Exactly what you hope a grandm...
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