10 Android Apps for Students Worth Looking At in 2024

An app is an essential tool today, especially in stay-at-home mode. Mobile-friendly services can help people solve many issues, keep focused, work, and study as well. The educational process shouldn’t be separated, even in the most challenging times. Therefore, students can get all the required information or custom paper writing help at gpalabs.com, online libraries, or special learning applications.

To not let you get lost among thousands of apps on Google Play, we created a list of the ten most beneficial tools for your smartphone. Spend your time wisely and enjoy new skills!

1. Google Classroom

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Keep studying at home with Google Classroom. This app includes time-management and organization tools that help with teaching a big group of people. Teachers and students can make calls and participate in classes online. Share files and resources, correct schedules, join discussions online and save your time with a paperless workflow.

With Google Classroom, teachers can receive and check assignments online. Students can attach photos and videos to their questions to get a clear explanation from the teacher and understand the subject better. It helps to improve discipline and enjoy distant education.

2. Google Fit


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This health and activity tracking app will help you stay energetic even during the quarantine period. Google Fit can help keep an eye on energy and renew it for people of any age. It works perfectly simple: just add this app to your phone, sync with any device, and start your activity. Google Fit will automatically detect your activity type, or you can add your activity to your daily journal manually.

One more great fact about this tool is that you can monitor info from your favorite fitness and healthy lifestyle apps such as Mi Fit, Nike+, MyFitnessPal, and much more.

3. Zoom

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This application helps you to stay in touch with friends. Just create a conversation and share the invitation link to join the video conversation. This app works not only on smartphones but on tablets and laptops that have access to a web-camera. Organize an online meeting with your colleagues or classmates and discuss the most critical points without delay. Share photos and storage files, group messages, or even presentations – all these are available during conversation mode. Stay online and enjoy fantastic audio and video quality daily with your companions.

4. uTalk

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Isn’t self-isolation a great time to learn a new language? And what would you say if you could learn even three or five languages for thirty days? You think this is unreal, but uTalk has made it possible, especially for you! Get a special tool where you can find a lot of new words and discover such languages as Vietnamese, German, and even Punjabi. Improve your language skills playing games that keep you motivated to know the way you are progressing.

Language is the background of every culture in the world. Today you have a unique opportunity to improve your knowledge of different cultures and be ready for new adventures. Explore new words and phrases, and have fun listening to voice recordings of native speakers.

5. SuperCook

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Improve your cooking skills with the unique application SuperCook. Learn and practice easy recipes by ingredients. The bright and user-friendly design helps to understand working algorithms quickly. Search for a particular recipe or choose among products you already have to create something new. Get inspiration and unleash your inner chef.

With SuperCook, you don’t need to go to the grocery store because you can cook anything with what you have on hand. Install the app and create your first culinary masterpiece. Get easy recipes that everyone from your family will love for breakfast, dinner, and supper. Complete your own menus for the next days, and don’t run out for anything!

6. Collect

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Today students have the great opportunity to organize their files in one place. Save everything you like online, and don’t get lost in the overabundance of information anymore. Documents, songs, videos, and images are now on your own beautiful board. Create not only one but multiple boards and differentiate them by topics.

Share your mood with your friends. Collect is an excellent tool for students who are learning art and design. With this app, you can improve your creativity and invite other participants to collaborate on the content you create. This is an inspirational tool that is essential for those who have a lot of ideas and want to bring them in life.

7. Bookmat

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Read books and listen to their audio versions without leaving home. Find your favorite literature or discover new genres and authors at your own digital bookshelves. There are options for comfortable reading, such as font and brightness adjusting. Everyone who prefers to listen to audio formats can enjoy professional narrations and high-quality sound.

Get recommendations based on your taste. Share the book you adore with your friends and enjoy being in the erudite community!

8. Moodle

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Are you looking for an online educational platform? Moodle is more than just courses – you are not only listening but actively participating. Developers of this app say that practice is the best way to master the studying material. Track courses even in offline mode, stay updated about messages and other events, contact other students in your courses, add files from your device, browse your course grades, and become the better version of yourself!

9. Kahoot

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Who said that students can’t have fun while learning? We highly recommend getting acquainted with the Kahoot! application to break this rule. Create fascinating quizzes on different topics and share them with friends. Find out who plays the best and share the results. This is not just a live game app because you can also do your homework with the help of Kahoot!. Teachers can create custom quizzes for their students to prevent everyone from keeping paper essays. With the help of this app, the learning process can be developed far and fast.

10. Daily Yoga

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Keep your mind open for having positive thoughts. Daily Yoga will help you to spend time with your smartphone in a productive way. Remember that exercises can be useful for your health only when you are under professional control. This app provides you access to exclusive workshops from world-class coaches. Don’t miss your lessons, because they are the essential steps on the way of self-development.

Still don’t know how you should spend your free time at home? Be ready for the extension of your outlook with these unique apps we presented for you!


Q: What apps should students be using in the classroom?

A: Given the reach of Google, students may already be familiar with commonplace apps like Google Calendar, which can be used to schedule events, create reminders, share availability and more. Google Drive.

Q: What are the best free apps for Android?

A: 28 Free And Best Android Apps For 2019 | Get The Most Out Of Your Phone 1 Nova Launcher 2 Google Assistant 3 Swiftkey 4 Google Duo 5 Evernote 6 WPS Office 7 Google News 8 ES File Explorer 9 Google Drive 10 WhatsApp More items…

Q: What are Your Top 10 favorite apps for Android?

A: 1 Nova Launcher 2 Google Assistant 3 Swiftkey 4 Google Duo 5 Evernote 6 WPS Office 7 Google News 8 ES File Explorer 9 Google Drive 10 WhatsApp More items…

Q: What is Android and why is it so popular?

A: Android’s biggest strength is its app ecosystem. There are a digital ton of Android apps. People downloaded them billions of times. Some of them cost money and some of them don’t. Usually, the best apps will cost you a few bucks. However, there are plenty of amazing options that don’t cost you anything.