So you want the deets... the goods... the info. Here ya go. My name is Honor (yes as in 'oh its an honor  to meet you.'  and  'do you honor  your mother and father?') People are so creative right?! Anywhoser I am a reformed art/design student, now a working (@ home) mother of two kids. I work HERE at Sue's Sparklers between naptime and crust cutting. Sparklers is a purveyor of all things bling. If you cheer, dance or channel big hair Dallas disco 70's... Come talk to me :)
  We live here in sunny southern California on a yummy in my tummy avocado ranch in ruralburbia... My slang for a rural town with a Target. My goal here at Home Heart Craft is to have a little creative somethin somethin. A little piece of the inter-webs to call home. I believe in handmade and hope to spread the word. So yes...I have a home and business to run...I get pulled in a million directions(aren't we all?)... but I say YES! to crafts (that cost lil to no $$$ and take lil tick-tock). With a hand stitch here and glue stick there you too can have a handmade home & wardrobe. HHC was started in early 2012 with the goal of helping me stay sane, stay creative and share in the world of fellow crafters. So many thanks to you for coming around this here parts and I would love to hear from you.