Welcome to Home Heart Craft... Mi nombre es Honor. Donde esta la biblioteca... and that concludes the extent of my Spanish. You can learn more about me HERE. HHC is a lifestyle/diy/personal blog about what really strikes my fancy & what I believe is worth sharing with yous alls. And boy do I fancy lots of things. Clothes, chocolate and crafts... ahhh the three C's of life....well I also fancy house 'stuff' .... so really it's like the four C's of life CLOTHES, CHOCOLATE, CRAFTS & CASA! Ha HA!

Ok, a little off topic. But mostly I love crafting. A lover of all crafts. Crafts of all shapes and sizes, colors and nationalities... we do not discriminate here at HHC.

HHC is dedicated to creating the very best quick crafts. All can be completed in less than an hour and cost less than twenty five smackers. Please visit the tutorials page to see our history of crafts. To get a feel for what I post about please click around. Some of the most popular posts have been DIY Anthropologie Scarf, Faux Antique Mirror, How to decorate a vase with a glue gun, DIY vintage wood stain & Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloons.

I also post quick and easy DIYs for beauty & recipes & about my home

     So if the crafting tutorials are the bread then it is my family that is the butter. The spice of my life or the thorn in my side... guess it depends on the time of day. They brighten my day (usually) and I bet they will do the same for you. So if you don't like the personal stuff and only want strict craft tutorials then go pound sand. Just kidding. Martha Stewart Crafts is a great place if you only want no nonsense instructions. I on the other hand like to color outside the lines, throw some glitter in the air and then go bake some cookies. So I hope you join the party because there's a lot of fun to be had here. To get a sense of me & my family please click around here, here and here

    As you can see I don't take things very seriously.

 I love comments and I try to respond to each and every one. Please just remember to be kind. There are real feelings behind this computer screen JUST SO YA KNOW!

Thanks for stopping by. Really. Thank You.