Well the baby boy is here and I am in dire need of a new diaper/tote bag. Nothing to fancy. I never really loved any of the diaper bags out there on the market these days. Either to bland or to baby. So where do I go for inspiration? To the anthro website of course! I spotted several hand painted leather/canvas versions and instantly fell in love with them... but not the $300 + price tag. I just knew I could create a cheap fix. So here it goes. This took me a few days to put together. Not because it is complicated but because running around after two babies keeps you very busy! Whew!!!

What you will need: A basic canvas tote. I picked up mine from Micheal's for then than 5 bucks. Some fabric markers or you can use regular markers and seal the tote with clear spray coat. I don't have many fabric markers laying around and I prefer the feel and colors of regular markers. Lastly some faux leather and your hot glue gun.

I started by googling an image of an anthro tote that I loved. A combination of leather and this colorful tapestry fabric. Then I just went willy nilly and sketched away with the markers. Nothing was planned out, I just sketched away. Feel free to use a pencil to sketch out your pattern if you want.

Then I measured of pieces of the faux leather to cover the bottom of the tote.

I trimmed the corners and then hot glued the fabric to the canvas tote. I covered the bottom of the bag first and wrapped the edges. Then attached a piece of the faux leather to the side of the bag at the bottom, covering the wrapped edges.

I initially wanted the softer side to face outward, but the smooth side did not take to the hot glue. I know that hot glue is not a super sturdy solution, but it seems to be holding up well. To further decorate the tote and wrapped the handles with thin strips of the faux leather. Adding dabs of hot glue along the way to secure. That last item was a big'ol bow. Cute! I get lots of compliments on this, people often ask if I got it at anthropologie... guess I accomplished what I was looking to do!

Thanks for stopping by! I am still adjusting to my new schedule of two babes... so my DIYs will be slowing down for a while. One a week is what I am shooting for. But I do have lots of tips, trends and products coming up that will satiate any crafters appetite!