10 Best Backpacks for Elk Hunting 2024 – Carry Everything you Need

As the elk hunting season edges closer, it is quite necessary that we get ourselves ready and prepared with everything we would need when the time comes and one item that would be vital in our hunt is a quality and ideal backpack.

Good Choice
Slumberjack 53761218HLD Rail Hauler 2.0 Highlander W/Reversible Panel
Good Price
ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS, Realtree Edge , 28" x 26" x 14"
Also Consider
Eberlestock M5 RMEF Team Elk Pack – All-Around Hunting Pack
Slumberjack 53761218HLD Rail Hauler 2.0 Highlander W/Reversible Panel
ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS, Realtree Edge , 28" x 26" x 14"
Eberlestock M5 RMEF Team Elk Pack – All-Around Hunting Pack
Good Choice
Slumberjack 53761218HLD Rail Hauler 2.0 Highlander W/Reversible Panel
Slumberjack 53761218HLD Rail Hauler 2.0 Highlander W/Reversible Panel
Good Price
ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS, Realtree Edge , 28" x 26" x 14"
ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS, Realtree Edge , 28" x 26" x 14"
Also Consider
Eberlestock M5 RMEF Team Elk Pack – All-Around Hunting Pack
Eberlestock M5 RMEF Team Elk Pack – All-Around Hunting Pack

Having a good backpack when hunting down an elk is as important as having your gun when going on any hunting adventure and having all the necessary gear is also very vital but the backpack is quite important as you would need to haul around all your essentials and weapons.

A Complete Guide On Selecting A Good Backpack For Elk Hunting

Many have failed in their search for a good elk hunting backpack and without wasting much of your time, come with us and meet the best models which we have rounded up, especially for you.

5. Slumberjack Hone Backpack Kryptek Highlander

Unlike other backpacks out there, this quality backpack is designed in such a way that it carries items that weigh about two hundred pounds thanks to its heavy-duty external frame and this backpack also boasts of twin pockets which help in storing useful items like bipods, optics and other vital accessories when going on any hunting trip.

Featuring up to four compression panels combined with an aluminum shelf support, the Slumberjack rail hauler backpack is considered the backpack with a giant carrying system as it works effectively when it comes to hauling about necessary weapons and items for hunting.

It is widely used by most hunters worldwide as it boasts of a versatile and stable multi-weapon carrying design that helps in transporting your rifle and bow easily from one spot to another.

  • Its gun sling design works effectively
  • Comfortable to move around with
  • Its top-loading design isn’t bigger like expected


4. Slumberjack Rail Hauler 2500 Backpack, Kryptek

Featuring up to four compression panels combined with an aluminum shelf support, the Slumberjack rail hauler backpack is considered the backpack with a giant carrying system as it works effectively when it comes to hauling about necessary weapons and items for hunting.

It is widely used by most hunters worldwide as it boasts of a versatile and stable multi-weapon carrying design that helps in transporting your rifle and bow easily from one spot to another.

Unlike other backpacks out there, this quality backpack is designed in such a way that it carries items that weigh about two hundred pounds thanks to its heavy-duty external frame and thanks to its PALS webbing design, you can now add attachments for carrying more accessories.

  • Helps in managing weight properly
  • Quite comfortable during use
  • Extremely durable and versatile
  • Doesn’t hurt the shoulders or back
  • This backpack doesn’t really function well in the field as it can’t even hold a rifle


3. Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack

Featuring a bottom shelf design combined with contours with body flowing design, the EBERLESTOCK M5 team elk backpack is one that guarantees optimal stability and comfort during use and the combination of its toughness and lightweight construction is one that makes it extremely durable and long-lasting.

This backpack features a quiet and comfortable operation which makes it rugged as well as suitable for all-day long hunting and hauling around weapons after hunting while its top loading and front loading access points ensure that every item in this backpack is surely within reach.

It also comes with numerous pockets which makes sure you pack every necessary item needed for hunting.

  • Well designed to hold up well after numerous uses
  • This backpack fits the body very well
  • Can be adjusted to meet anybody size
  • Side pouches aren’t large enough to house bigger spotting scopes


2. Slumberjack Carbine 2500 Backpack

Durability is one of the noticeable features of the Slumberjack Carbine 2500 backpack as it is made using 600 denier polyester material which ensures it lasts for a long while.

One of the reasons why this backpack is widely used by most skilled hunters today is because of its versatile and stowable various weapon carrying system which ensures that every weapon such as your bow or rifle is easily transported.

It also boasts of a compression system that also acts as a carrying system and one unique feature of this quality backpack is its in-built rifle rest which helps in maintain stabilization for better accuracy when hunting. It also boasts of roomy twin pockets which can be used in storing up essentials for transport.

  • Well designed to meet hunter’s expectation
  • Carries everything you need and still comfortable to carry around
  • Comes with a roomy design
  • Not as comfortable as expected


1. Eberlestock X2 Hunting Backpack 

Having numerous and generous pockets, a lightweight and tough tubular frame and also having a large spotting size scope pockets, the EBERLESTOCK X2 hunting backpack is one that is highly recommended for Elk hunting and this backpack is said to be the top of its class as it is made using durable and top quality materials which promotes durability for long-lasting use.

When it comes to hurling around heavy loads, you can trust this backpack to get the job done thanks to its compression straps and its pockets can be easily accessed if you want to get anything in and out of the bag.

This backpack is designed in such a way that it can accommodate a compound bow, hunting rifle or even a shotgun while its AmpleFlex chassis design clips forward easily so as to serve as a cradle or seat for loads.

  • Can store up items that would last up to two days
  • Comes with exciting features and specs
  • Lots of pockets that meets organizational demands
  • Should have a better user-friendly design


Other Exciting Products Include

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag

Made using high-quality nylon fabric, the ALPS OutdoorZ commander backpack is one that is well built to last thanks to the high-quality material used in its construction and this is one backpack that ensures every gear is well-organized thanks to its multiple pockets design such as the spotting scope pocket, main pocket, hinged pocket and many more which ensures that you don’t miss out on carrying any valuable item.

One benefit that comes with using this well-built backpack is it boasts of a detachable design combined with a secure lashing system that allows users to make use of its frame in moving the meat around.

  • Versatile
  • Keeps items organized
  • High-quality backpack
  • Packed with exciting features
  • Comfortable
  • Poorly stitched backpack
  • Its top bar tends to hit users on the head


2. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

Featuring well-organized front pockets, the ALPZ OutdoorZ  Hunting pack is one that is designed to keep all valuables and items right at our fingertips and one feature that makes this backpack stand out from the rest on the market is its blaze orange rain cover design which ensures that both the user and his gear are fully protected during wet and rainy weather conditions.

It comes in an attractive camo design and weighs just about 4lbs, it is one which users would find extremely comfortable to move about with. The ALPS OutdoorZ hunting pack also comes with extension lashing straps and an aluminum frame which helps in providing support as well as in carrying heavy loads.

Thanks to its drop-down design, one can easily move about with a bow or gun conveniently.

  • High-quality backpack
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Worth the money
  • Protects against back injury
  • Stitching rips apart easily


3. ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS

Featuring a unique H-frame design and well equipped with extension lashing straps, the ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS hunting backpack is one that users or hunters can rely on in moving about, hauling or carrying heavy loads conveniently and it also boasts of front zippered pockets combined with a drop-down pocket which helps in keeping guns and other gears well secured.

Its lightweight design makes it quite comfortable and convenient for hunters to carry this on their shoulders for long hours without experiencing any form of pain and this is one backpack that would help in keeping items organized as it comes with several pockets which also guarantees you don’t miss out on taking along any necessary item.

  • Spacious
  • Comfortable
  • Best budget backpack
  • Fits well
  • Well made backpack
  • Low padding on its shoulder straps
  • Straps tend to slide up to the neck during use


4. Badlands Superday Camouflage Hunting Backpack – Bow, Rifle, and Pistol Compatible, Realtree Xtra

This is an excellent backpack for hunting that comes with several compartments so hunters carry along with every necessary gear and this is also a backpack that boasts of the highest quality craftsmanship as it is made using a quiet, strong and waterproof material which doesn’t only ensure long-lasting use but also guarantees the protection of our gear.

This backpack is one that hunters can easily and comfortably carry around as it boasts of a foam suspension design that promotes maximum comfort during use while its load lifters design also helps in lifting heavy gear easily.

Its lightweight design also contributes to easy and convenient carrying on any hunting trip and its main compartment is roomy which also ensures you carry every essential item or gear.

  • Comfortable
  • Roomy
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Recommended for mountain trekking
  • High-quality backpack
  • Seems a little bit smaller and shorter


5. Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

One of the benefits that come with making use of this backpack is it doesn’t put too much stress on the shoulders as it boasts of mesh shoulder straps with superior padding and you can easily fold up this bag when not in use and unfold it when you want to make use of it.

Get the Venture pal lightweight backpack which is made using a water-resistant and tear-resistant fabric that ensures long-lasting performance and strength and added longevity is also made possible thanks to its enhanced bar-tacks design.

It comes with several compartments like two front pockets for easy access and storing of smaller items, a roomy compartment for storing up clothes that would last a week and two separators in the main compartment which help you to keep your belongings organized.

  • Lots of room
  • Can be folded easily
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive
  • Not for hunting


Features Of A Good Elk Hunting Backpack

Below are the key features to look out for when shopping for elk hunting backpacks;

  • Weapon fastening system
  • Size
  • Hunt duration
  • Weight
  • Camouflage
  • Safety
  • Material used

Final Verdict – What You Should Know

After going through every elk backpack available today, the above-mentioned types are the best five which we have selected to make the search easier for you and we also cannot help but list the Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack as the best just because it ensures items are neatly organized, durable, has a wide inner design and lots more.

Its durable material construction promotes long-lasting use and optimal comfort is guaranteed while using this backpack.


You can also check out our Best Waterproof Backpacks and meet the best items which we have rounded up and these backpacks listed here are recommended for everyday use as well as for outdoor trips and adventure.


Q: What is the best Elk backpack?

A: ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Backpack. ALPS is a well-known brand for its hunting backpack series and innovative ideas. … Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack. Badlands 2200 is on the list of most popular Badlands packs. … ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X+Pack. … Eberlestock Team Elk Pack. … Eberlestock Just One Pack. … TIDEWE Hunting Backpack with Rain Cover. …

Q: What is the best hunting pack for elk?

A: Material: Hypalon&Aramid Size&Capacity: 2250 cu. in.&36.9L Frame Design: Internal Weight: 5lbs 15oz. Durability: Moisture-resistant

Q: What is the best hunting backpack?

A: Hunting jackets have evolved significantly … The volume of the jacket folded up in your pack is next to nothing, making it easy to bring along so you have it when you need it. It also sports some of the best waterproofing available, utilizing Toray …

Q: What is the best hunting pack?

A: Exposed frame day packs. The design of this day pack has the frame out of the body of the pack. … Built-in (internal) day packs. Another type of day pack is the built-in design that has external frame packs with an internal frame. Frameless day packs. This is the third and the last of the three types of day packs.

If these weren’t enough, check out some other picks from Amazon also:

SPIKA Hunting Backpack Internal Frame for Men Waterproof Hunting Pack Camouflage with Rifle Holder...
  • Capacity:Extendable 40L+ storage capacity can carry the items needed for day trips and long-distance sports to a greater extent.
  • Materials:Durable 500D treated nylon body can prevent splashing and keep the backpack dry.ykk zippers.Industry leading duraflex hardware lightweight...
  • Internal design: Ykk zippers can quick access to main compartment,Multiple compartments which categorizes items of different categories.Backpack comes...
  • External design:Roll top snow collar and Side pockets, Removable hood and Rain cover can effectively protect the exterior of the backpack,with rifle...
  • Removable Frame:Internal frame can minimize the burden on the backpack,suitable for the outdoorsman that wants to go in light and come out heavy.
Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler, Realtree Edge
  • PREMIUM ULTRALIGHT - The exclusive Realtree Edge 2200 is 10 oz lighter and features a redesigned carry boot adapted for both bow and rifle carry; Like...
  • COMFORTABLE CARRY - ThermoMold Suspension utilizes molded foam so ergonomically advanced that it virtually matches every contour of the human form;...
  • REALTREE EDGE CAMO - Prized for its ability to confuse the eye at both close and long ranges, Realtree Edge features an abstract background with...
  • RIFLE, BOW, & PISTOL COMPATIBLE - Realtree Edge 2200 option allows easy carry of either a bow or rifle, without any additional purchase; built-in...
  • UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY - Our packs are built to withstand the toughest conditions hunters might endure; If your pack ever gets damaged,...
King's Camo Mountain Top 2200 Backpack, Desert Shadow
  • WORKHORSE BACKPACK– Fully loaded with 2200 cubic inches of storage space, rain fly, pack shelf, weapon attachment system, three compartments for...
  • DURABLE FABRIC – Made with lightweight ripstop material, this pack is made to take a beating while maintaining durability to protect all of your...
  • PACK SHELF – The stowaway canvas pack shelf allows you to make one heavy meat trip out. Made from lightweight, water resistant ripstop fabric. The...
  • DURABLE CARRY SYSTEM – Safely secure your expensive gun or bow with the integrated drop out bow/rifle attachment system. Complete with holster and...
  • KING’S CAMO – Our gear is built around a layering strategy and designed for the true athletic hunter. King’s uses the best performance fabrics,...
TIDEWE Hunting Backpack 5500cu with Frame and Rain Cover for Bow/Rifle/Pistol
  • 【Large Capacity】Specs (Dimensions) are 31.5” x 21.7” x 11.8”, the main compartment with high quality strapping system features a two-in-one...
  • 【Ergonomic Design & Comfortable】TideWe hunting pack is designed with adjustable shoulder straps and frame, customizing your personal size. The...
  • 【Hunting Conducive】TideWe hunting backpack is made of noise free Realtree edge fabric. The reinforced Hypalon is used at the frame connection part...
  • 【Trusted Quality】High performance Realtree fabric, durable buckle and exquisite stitching delivers the TideWe external frame hunting back...
  • 【User-friendly Design】TideWe is committed to your ultimate hunting experience by unique design. The zippered quick access design helps you take...
SITKA Gear Apex Pack Optifade Subalpine One Size Fits All
  • APEX PACK – One size fits all pack. (Available Color: Subalpine)
  • STREAMLINED FOR STEALTH – With a durable build and easily deployable components that place essential gear at the hunter’s fingertips the Apex...
  • FRAMELESS DESIGN – The low-profile design reduces noise and abrasion while providing an ample 1,800 cubic inches of storage for days when a morning...
  • FLAWLESS FEATURES – A body-hugging waist belt features multiple pockets, including easily deployable/retractable cam cables to rest your bow when...
  • SITKA Gear – We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality apparel that ensures you’re prepared to tackle any obstacle, in any element,...
SPIKA Binocular Harness Chest Pack, Camo Bino Case with Rangefinder Waterproof Pouch for Hunting
  • Materials:Durable 1000D treated nylon base can prevent splashing and keep the binocular harness pack dry.ykk zippers.Industry leading duraflex...
  • Size:7.08”L×3.54”W×8.66”H,Weight:1.24lb.
  • Body harness:4 point bino harness enhances the comfort of the cushion, reduces the pressure on the shoulders, maintains physical strength.
  • Rain cover:The thick rain cover above the backpack to prevent the contents of the bag from getting wet. This Binocular pack is waterproof.The magnetic...
  • Compact design: Small and compact size is easier to carry than a large bag, with waterproof pouch,does not occupy a lot of space. It is suitable for...
Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack, 56.2-Liter Storage (Realtree All Purpose Extra)
  • Storage Capacity: 27.5L/ 3,429 cubic in. | Weight 7.6 pounds
  • Features multiple ways to carry a rifle, bow or tripod.
  • Top and bottom lashing points for external storage
  • Durable ultra-quiet twill lining, and Quiet Cloth noise reducing materials
  • Deluxe padded waist belt with ergonomic tightening adjustment
Horn Hunter "Main Beam Backpack, Max 1
  • Approximately 2800 cubic inches in the Max 1 backpack
  • 22 different compartments-8 internal compartments to organize your gear
  • Side compression panels with triple strap tie-downs
  • Gear Gripper and pouch to secure your bow by the handle or a rifle
  • Removable compression flap, great for deer quarters or extra clothes
AUSCAMOTEK Camo Backpacks for Hunting Accessories Fishing Hiking Camping Camouflage Bag Small Day...
  • Enhance Your Outdoor Adventure: AUSCAMOTEK Camo Backpacks offer the perfect blend of functionality and style. Dimensions of 19x12x8 inches ensure...
  • Ultimate Camouflage: Stand out by blending in! Our backpack features a natural tree and leaf woodland camouflage pattern, optimizing your concealment...
  • Efficient Organization: Stay prepared with a large front pocket and 2 side water bottle pockets. Store your camo netting, ghillie suit, and other...
  • Comfortable and Secure: Enjoy comfortable adventures with adjustable padded shoulder straps and a chest belt for a secure fit. Whether you're stalking...
  • Versatile and Reliable: Suitable for various outdoor activities, our backpack is a versatile companion for hunters, hikers, and campers. Please note...
Timber Hawk Gut Hook Waist Pack, 15.2-Liter Storage
  • Innovative shoulder-supported waist pack for light and fast travel when hunting; hands-free transport for a compound bow
  • Yoked shoulder harness system; adjustable sternum strap with emergency whistle
  • Roomy main compartment with three interior accessory pockets; three waist pockets
  • High-density breathable foam padded waist belt; right side webbing for securing bear spray, quiver, or sidearm
  • Carries a bow