4 Best Bed Bug Killers for Your Home – 2024 Buying Guide

The comfort of your home depends on a ton of different factors, some of which are rather easy to deal with. Others however require some additional work until you can completely enjoy a certain aspect of your home. What people need to have solved in order to be productive, rested, and happy is quality sleep time. And one can never sleep well if either the bed is in bad shape, or if something outside of the bed’s type and comfort level prevents them from a good night’s sleep.

Bed bugs are among the leading causes of bad sleeping, as well as one of the hardest pests that invade homes. They are truly hard to deal with which is why everyone needs some professional help if they are to rid their comfy bed of these tiny creatures and have the peace of mind they deserve. The trauma of having something so tiny sharing the bed with you, and in such numbers, is enough to keep you up at night for days on end. Therefore, why not treat this problem as soon as possible?

As mentioned, to get rid of these annoying little bugs you need to use the proper tools. In this case, those would be bed bug killers, chemicals in form of sprays that are made precisely for this purpose. Since the market is oversaturated with them, in this article you will learn what some of the best currently available ones are. Make sure to read the remaining of the text carefully and in case you want to learn more about dealing with these pesky insects, make sure to check out Aprehend.com. They have different solutions you can use in your quest to treat the bed bug problem.

1. Best Overall Product – Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Killer

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If you generally enjoy products that are considered best overall in their class, look no further than this solution by Ortho. This is a versatile killer and the top choice of many customers. It comes in 1.5-gallon containers full of liquid that acts quickly, killing adult bed bugs as well as their eggs. Spray directly onto the nests once you locate them, as well as the crevices that you cannot peek into. Probably the best feature of this product is the wand, which is powered by batteries, a rare element in this product range. You can continuously spray with it until you get the whole mattress, the baseboards, and the surroundings of your bed even. Ortho used a formula that leaves no stains so spray away until all the bugs are dead. The cool wand guarantees consistent and even spread and application, making it very easy to use. Lastly, it is worth noting that it is fully odorless.

2. Best Powder Product – Rockwell CimeXa Insecticide Dust

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If you enjoy powders more than sprays, here is a good example of a bed bug killing powder solution. This is a very long-lasting and effective way of dealing with such a problem because powder stays on and around the desired area much longer than any liquid. This one contains silica powder instead of diatomaceous earth. While both are effective, silica is also like a sponge that absorbs the water from the bugs. According to reviews and research, it is a better way of dealing with bed bugs. As mentioned already, beating the staying power of a powder is hard to match, especially beat. Pour some, keep the mattress dry, and it can keep the insects away for up to a decade! The most popular way of application is with a paintbrush. Simply add a thin layer on the baseboards and in the cracks. The particles are small enough to fall into the smallest crevices, and they attach to surfaces. This means they will fall into all the right places in the mattress. The powder is not toxic, but as with all other chemicals, avoid inhaling it and keep it away from your kids and pets.

3. Best Spray Bottle Product – HARRIS Black Label Bed Bug Killer

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If you prefer sprays but do not want or need a big container that holds a few gallons of solution, you should definitely go with a spray bottle option. Arguably the best on the market is by the famous brand HARRIS, which comes in a bottle ready to go right from the start. It is a standard spray bottle many other cleaning and pesticide products come in. It contains a very effective formula that easily eradicates all of the different beg bugs, even the most stubborn ones you cannot seem to shake off. Most often, these are the ones who have grown resistant to the usual pyrethroids pesticides. Not with this spray, as it kills all of them and provides residual protection for around 4 months. The bottle holds 32 ounces and it is quite handy and light. It is available in larger, 1-gallon containers if you need more of it, but the spray bottle is the handiest solution as you can quickly spray the bugs as soon as you spot them.

4. Best Mattress Product – Bedlam Plus

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Last but not least we have a real spray that comes in a pressurized tin can. This type of bed bug killer is the best if you only have to treat your mattress and not the rest of the bed elements like he pillows, blankets, or covers. It is water-based and suitable for most other surfaces too. No stains appear from using it even if you spray the same spot multiple times. It kills bugs on contact and offers two weeks of a residual lethal area if any newcomers make the mistake of invading the mattress. Many users like spraying the whole mattress with such products, but you do not need to do that as it offers enough protection even if you only treat the nesting areas and crevices. Make a habit of spraying just the seams, the tufts, and the folds, and any other tight area where you believe bugs could be nesting.

Conclusion and Takeaways

There you have it, four of the best products available right now, each offering something different. What they all have in common though is their great effectiveness in terminating even the most stubborn and resistant of bed bugs. Therefore, based on your preferences and needs, choose one, or a couple, and rid your life of these insects once and for all. Sweet dreams are only a few sprays away!


Q: What is the strongest bed bug killer?

A: Put on gloves and eye protection. Get a small cup of bed bug killer or even neem oil. Get all your stuff in a room with a tiled floor since any bed bugs that might fall on the floor will not have a good place to hide. … Use the edge of the playing card to get into cracks and crevices in your object.

Q: What is the number one bed bug killer?

A: EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer spray gets our top ranking for its overall effectiveness and affordability. A certified USDA BioBased insecticide, it’s also non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly, so you can use it around pets and kids and spray it directly on your mattresses, carpets, and furniture.

Q: What insecticide kills bed bugs?

A: The climbup interceptor original$33.73: This is a plastic monitoring system designed to detect bed bug infestations early. … The climbup interceptor XL$27.99: The XL comes coated with a thin talc layer,is pesticide free,and slick enough to trap bugs in. … The climbup interceptor HD$9.95: This is a smaller version of both interceptor original and XL. …

Q: What is the best homemade remedy for bed bugs?

A: 12-ounce glass spray bottle 8 ounces water 5 drops lavender oil 5 drops cedar oil 5 drops bergamot oil 1 tbsp witch hazel