10 Best Deer Attractant 2024 – Quality Food for Deer

If you are looking for the best way to feed your deer or hunt down a deer then the best and recommended product for you is a deer attractant as they are well formulated in luring out these animals.

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Nationwide Scents Scrape Lure Deer Scent Buck Attractant for Whitetail Deer - Fresh Deer Hunting...
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Whitetail Institute Apple Obsession Granular Deer Attractant, Contains Devour Scent and Flavor...
Nationwide Scents Scrape Lure Deer Scent Buck Attractant for Whitetail Deer - Fresh Deer Hunting...
Whitetail Institute Apple Obsession Granular Deer Attractant, Contains Devour Scent and Flavor...
Amazon's Choice
Nationwide Scents Scrape Lure Deer Scent Buck Attractant for Whitetail Deer - Fresh Deer Hunting...
Nationwide Scents Scrape Lure Deer Scent Buck Attractant for Whitetail Deer - Fresh Deer Hunting...
Good Pick
Whitetail Institute Apple Obsession Granular Deer Attractant, Contains Devour Scent and Flavor...
Whitetail Institute Apple Obsession Granular Deer Attractant, Contains Devour Scent and Flavor...

When it comes to hunting, deer attractants offer every hunter an advantage and also lessen the amount of time required is hunting down a deer but making use of the right one also means you would spend more time in search of a deer.

However, we urge you to take a look at this review before parting ways with your money so you can meet the best ten products today which will help to improve any situation.

5. Whitetail Institute Apple Obsession Deer Attractant, 6-Pound

Whether it is used in the winter or fall period, the Whitetail institute apple obsession deer attractant would deliver excellent results as it works effectively attracting deer for the kill.

If you are a hunter that doesn’t believe in planning a food trap to capture a deer then these whitetail deer attract would do the trick.

It boasts of a strong apple flavor which will definitely attract deer no matter the distance and one notable feature is it devours ingredient which contains a scent and taste enhancer that every deer loves to have.

It is however considered as the best bait needed in capturing and attracting deer.

  • Works effectively when combined with cracked corn
  • Can be found easily by deer and delivers amazing results
  • Doesn’t attract deer as effectively as described
  • The bag came with a hole in it


4. Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Apple UV Deer Attractant

Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Apple UV Deer Attractant

Coming in a 5lb bag, the Evolved habitat deer cane deer attractant is a reliable and effective product and this deer attractant boasts of a mineral supplement that works effectively in releasing the mineral vapor into the air to attract deer for consumption.

When it comes to feeding deer, this deer attractant attracts deer to paw, lick, consume and mark the minerals which are beneficial to their development and health.

Another advantage that this deer attractant brings is it motivates a wallow to be created so any deer group can constantly visit the site to feed on the minerals.

  • Works effectively in attracting a deer group for feeding
  • Not effective as a deer group fail to acknowledge its smell
  • Doesn’t deliver any result
  • Poor quality product and poor quality ingredient used


3. Evolved Habitats Raisin Cane Deer Attractant

Evolved Habitats Raisin Cane Deer Attractant

This evolved habitats raisin cane deer attractant is well formulated and mixed using real raisins, roasted soy meal and other reliable attractants which ensures that it works effectively in attracting deer.

It is also the deer attractant which boasts of a combination of high fat and protein super content for more effectiveness.

The nutrients used are all 100 percent safe for use and one notable feature of this product is its UV enhancement technology which attracts deer from a very long range.

Another advantage that comes with using this quality deer attractant is it produces a long-lasting vapor trail that ensures the deer keeps returning even after feeding on it.

  • Delivers amazing results on elk
  • The good combination delivers overall amazing results
  • Works as described
  • This product comes with no action


2. Deer Attractant Hunting Spray – 4oz

Deer Attractant Hunting Spray - 4oz

This deer attractant spray is ideal for most hunters as they would find it very easy to make use of and it boasts of the combination of musk gland and deer urine which works effectively in luring a deer to your trap or range.

One of the benefits that come with using this quality deer attractant is it helps to boost and improve your hunt for deer and it also works to gather a group of deer together as it scents intrigues and excites them.

Another impressive feature of this scent is its flexibility and powerful nature as its scent cannot be turned down by any deer and it comes with an additional musk scrape that draws deer to come to get a sniff.

  • Comes with great scents when compared with other products
  • Works effectively in attracting deer while hunting
  • Doesn’t cause any form of reaction
  • Deer tends to run away after smelling this product as it seems to scare them
  • Isn’t so powerful as described


1. Deer Attractant Scent and Lure, Get the Biggest Buck of the season

Deer Attractant Scent and Lure, Get the Biggest Buck of the Season- Purest and Freshest Whitetail Deer Urine - Up to 4X More Urine per Bottle

One of the benefits that come with using this deer attractant scent and lure is it is well formulated to capture dominant and fat bucks thanks to its 100 percent fresh and pure ingredients which makes it very potent and effective.

It is considered as the best and potent deer attractant that you would come across today it comes pure and free from all forms of the disease.

This deer attractant comes in a full 8oz bottle which is quite larger than most competitor products available today and with this deer attractant, you wouldn’t have to wait all day long to capture a deer as it works effectively in attracting mature and dominant bucks faster.

  • Guarantees the capture of a deer
  • Features a fresh scent
  • A well-made product that guarantees effectiveness


Conclusion - What You Ought To Know

Whether you want a deer attractant for feeding or for hunting, this review will help you identify and get familiar with the best and most reliable products today and looking at this review, you will see the best products which have been rounded up just to meet your every need.

Every product listed in this review guarantees that deer or deer group would be attracted no matter the distance and to start enjoying all other benefits, ensure you go for any of the products listed above.

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  • CRUSHED & BLENDED - The Persimmon Crushed deer attractant combines the attracting power of persimmons with a high-protein proprietary base; The powder...
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Snout and Shell Wildlife Corn Feed for Deer, Raccoons, Squirrels, Quail, Birds, Cattles, Wildlife -...
  • 🌽ALL-NATURAL CORN: Corn is a tall annual cereal grass widely grown for its large elongated ears of starchy seeds. Corn is a valuable feed...
  • 🌽 EXCELLENT NUTRITION SOURCE: It is high in energy but relatively low in protein compared with other feed grains. It is an excellent source of...
  • 🌽 WILDLIFE ANIMAL & BIRDS: Corn is nutritious for many birds. It is also a favorite food of other backyard wildlife, including deer, squirrels,...
  • 🌽 NON-GMO & GLUTEN FREE: Corn is one of nature's best all-natural plant foods. When unprocessed, non-GMO corn kernels are eaten, it has excellent...
  • 🌽 IDEAL GROUND-FEEDERS: Our Corn Feed works great with wildlife and bird feeders. It is an excellent supplemental food to offer backyard birds &...
Nationwide Scents Buck Urine for Hunting – Deer Attractants for Whitetail Deer – Scent Blocker...
  • Attract Bucks to Your Stand: Hunters concur, challenging a buck is the fastest way to lure them to your stand. Our buck urine deer hunting scent will...
  • Save Time, Hassle, and Money: It’s so much easier to just carry a few ounces of buck urine deer lure in your pocket than to set out food plots, bait...
  • Hide Your Human Scent: Scent control for hunting is very important in all aspects of your hunt, from scouting to checking trail cameras to bagging the...
  • Fresh Deer Urine is the Secret: Our 500 live whitetail deer and state-of-the-art stainless-steel collection facilities produce deer urine for our...
  • Full Satisfaction Assurance: Since our buck urine hunting deer attractant is of the purest and highest quality, we’re sure you’re going to love...
Whitetail Institute Magnet Mix Deer Attractant Block Portable Mineral Salt Lick with Devour Flavor...
  • EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE: High-performance, powerful attractant in versatile block form
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: 20-pound block design allows for stable, portable, and convenient use
  • DEER CAN'T RESIST: Appeals to a deer’s sense of smell and taste
  • SCENT AND FLAVOR ENHANCERS: Contains multiple scent and flavor enhancers, including Whitetail Institute DEVOUR
  • CONSULT LOCAL GAME LAWS: Considered as bait in some states and is recommended to consult local game laws before using
EVOLVED HABITATS Dirt Block 5LB Dirt-Colored Dried Molasses Deer Attractant - Habit-Forming Food...
  • DEER ATTRACTANT - Looks like dirt, tastes like molasses, attracts like crazy! Deer will love the sweet molasses taste, and you will love the rack...
  • LOOKS LIKE DIRT - Not only does this feed add vital nutrients to deer's diets, it also camouflages to make sure no one finds that trophy buck but you;...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - The Evolved Habitats Dirt Block deer attractant with molasses flavor promotes overall herd health and helps grow bigger and...
  • BEST CHOICE FOR AVID HUNTERS - This dirt-colored deer attractant is habit-forming to keep deer coming back and creates camera action and heavy hoof...
  • EVOLVED HABITATS - Puts science behind dozens of products that effectively attract, pattern and hold wildlife; Premium ingredients of our minerals and...
Wildgame Innovations Peanut Rage Deer Attractant 5lb, Premium Wildlife Attractant, Beige
  • Package dimension : 6.6 cm x 24.0 cm x 31.9 cm
  • Product type : SPORTING GOODS
  • Package weight : 2.352 kg
  • MADE IN United States
C'mere Deer 3 Day Harvest Hunting Scents, Black, 5.5 lb
  • SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED: Field-tested under real hunting conditions to give hunters and wild game managers a truly remarkable system for attracting...
  • ATTRACT DEER LIKE A MAGNET: This 3-Day Harvest uses the animals most powerful sense - smell. It keeps them coming back for more with its highly...
  • HOW IT WORKS: This powerful 3-Day Harvest System will create more deer movement and activity around your stand which will attact the attention of...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: This deer attractant is unique and has been carefully designed to build on the results from the day before. That's three times the...
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply three equal portions of 3-Day Harvest for three consecutive days then hunt on the third day. The older bucks should be...
Rack One Big Game Peanut Butter - 5 Pound Bag - Premium Whitetail Attractant
  • LONG RANGE AROMA: Once they get a whiff, deer, bear, and hogs come in fast.
  • MAXIMUM ANTLER GROWTH: All Natural recipe with 22% bone-growin' protein.
  • FLAVOR DEER LOVE: 44% fat for great taste and plenty of fiber for healthy digestion.
  • YEAR ROUND: Nutrition is the best way to keep deer close and maximize their potential
  • CONSISTENCY: Allows you to crumble it in other food sources and is rain resistant if you want to put it directly on the ground
C'mere Deer Corn Coat Hunting Scents, 24-Ounce
  • Powerful effective blend of C'Mere Deers best patented formulas
  • 4 oz. treats 50 lbs of corn, protein pellets or other grain
  • Very effective for treating your favorite food plot prior to planting
Terra Products Co. AX One - Complete Deer Feed Antler Xcelerator (40lb)
  • FEEDING DIRECTIONS: AX One Complete Deer Feed is designed to be fed free choice for all stages of a wild deer's life. Feed on the ground or in feeders...
  • UNIQUE: This is your all-in-one deer feed! Start with AX and never look back at using multiple feeds to make sure your deer get the nutrients they...
  • HEALTH: Just like we take care of our own well-being, we need to be looking after our deer. With AX, we can ensure that your deer will be healthier,...
  • No Returns