Waaaaaaaaahhhhh... he is growing up way so fast. These first five have gone by like zip-zoom-sayonara-adios-see-you-later. A total blur. Sonic speed. As I post these I am brushing away a big single tear. Only one tear because while it does make my heart ache that he is growing up. I am also excited to see what kind of little boy, then big boy then MAN he will become. I just hope he always always always always stays a mama's boy... In a good way though.

handsome devil. Yep already up and moving around. This little man is in favor of the inch worm. Where he grinds his face into the carpet, scoots his booty up nice and high in the the air and shoves himself forward. Growling all the while.

Curious, but mostly just must-go-in-my-mouth-NOW!

Only eyes (and drool) for his mama.

never enough smooches. Ps I love that no matter what I put him in his tum-tum always sticks out. So cute now... not so cute as a man. We have time to correct that. Put till then, pooch on baby boy, pooch on.

Hope your week is going well. No complaints here.

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