Felt like playing dress up and doing my toddler's hair this morning.

These pics are the result of said playtime.

While this was just for fun,  I really do always find myself using these hairstyles on Lou. Simple and quick. Quick enough for a squirmy toddler.


Supplies: Lots of little elastics, Lots of clippies, a good brush, a couple of headbands and lots of patience.

Ahhh! This is how the princess makes her appearance in the morning. Two little frown lines and one messy head of hair.
What to do: Give the toddler a cup of juice or milk or water, grab a cup of coffee for yourself  and some hair supplies. Then plug said toddler in front of some cartoons sitting on an ottoman or the floor. Find a comfy perch behind and brace squirmy toddler between legs.  Give the toddler's hair a couple of squirts of this

Johnson's No More Tangles Spray. You need it. Get some.

Brush out the toddler's hair and make the difficult decision on what hairstyle shall be done for the day.  Here are my trusty six.

Start simple. Brush hair to one side and use a clippie. This one happens to be a sparkly bow

This is a simple one too. Brush hair to smooth out and pop on a hairband to hold bangs back.

Ok. Getting a little more complicated. Some bracing with the legs might be needed. Brush hair up into a single pony. Flair the pony out a bit to resemble a firework. The wrap with some neon nylon and tie at back. Love this one.

This style definitly needs some leg bracing. Wrestle with toddler and part hair down the center. Brush to smooth hair into two ponies at top of head. Flair out for some fireworks.

Ok this one.... requires a content child to do it.Otherwise you will be chasing the toddler around your living room area pulling some WWE moves.
 Brush up hair into two ponies but before using the elastic twist the pony into a little bun. Wrap the elastic around the bun twice. Repeat. Then pop on a Mayan head dress head band (as the hubs calls it).

Last one. Works well on little sleepy heads. Part hair and do simple braids on each side. Slip in a clippie for effect and your set. Sounds simple but this is my least used one because of the well know toddler gator roll.
Pause for sip of coffee. Savor. Breathe. Then jump back into the gator pit.

Thanks for stopping by and peace be with you when you embark on your own toddler hairstyling adventure