smooch! So adorable and yes, a little yucky.

Everyone always says 'A boy and his dog...'. Well? What about us girls?

I have tons of fond memories of our family dog. Our family pooch was a Newfoundland aka BIG BLACK BEAR. Her name was Alakazam or Ali. She let me put daisies in her hair and fall asleep cuddled up in her paws. I miss her. My goodness how fresh those memories stay!

   Welcome Willy! We rescued this retired ranch mutt a few weeks ago and he has turned out to be a HUGE blessing for our little family. Lou can't get enough of him (and he tolerates so much!). By tolerate I mean he has nothing but kisses for her, despite the constant ear tugs, high pitched sequels and bear hugs. I feel much safer with him around. Especially when the husband works nights and the kiddos and I are home alone. Once I put the babies to sleep at night it is such a comfort to have him by my side while plugging away at the computer. His acute hearing lets me know if something so much as a mouse is stirring. Not that we have mice. I hope.
I am so glad that we went with the choice of an older dog. One that is well 'seasoned'. It feels good to give such a well meaning older dog a loving home, all to often older dogs get passed over for their 'cuter' puppy counterparts. Bah! I say BAH!!
  Not to mention we get to skip out on the sharp puppy teeth/nails and puppy puddles. My goodness I still am working on potty training with my two year old I can't imagine the headache of her and a puppy. Well yes I can, so that is why we skipped it ;)

I have some snazzy DIYs lined up for this week... stop by later if you like glitter. If you l-o-v-e glitter then I am your gal!

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