Yep, some days you just want to shovel in some animal crackers hand over fist.

Welcome to my pity party.

I don't want to complain but I am a bit grumpy over the other night and I am trying to move on. Long story short, we went to a holiday party hosted by old Navy friends of the huz. So while he was out by the fire pit reminiscing I was left to my own devices to corral a wicked fast crawler and a super stubborn two year old. Usually I can laugh it off when Lou pulls some attitude with an audience. I mean, hey, she is a very intelligent SUPER strong willed little lady and loves to establish her independence. By independence I mean her joy of chasing the host's cat and swiping the toys away from the mosh pit of crawling babies at the party. Ugh!
 Oh well... usually. But for some reason the sideways glances from one mother really steamed me up. She had her own little lady, about a year old and refused to let her bubbins play with either of my children! She would continually and silently move her crawler away. Actually not so silently. There was a comment made about my rough and tumble daughter and choice of toys for my babes. Since when is a glow stick bracelet a bad thing?!?!?!?!?!?!? I loved glow sticks when I was little! I guess I should have held my tongue but I fired back, "Really Lady? Your going to complain about a glow stick? There are much worse things in the world." Followed by an evil silent stare. She stammered and then replied "Oh, um, It's not me, its just my husband. He is a worrier." As she picked up her daughter and moved away to the corner of the play room.

Ok, so maybe I was a little strung out from Lou pushing my buttons all evening. Ok, I accept that I was the mean mom in that situation. But all to often people (aka other moms) make snide comments and I let it slide. That night I just couldn't, and I don't think I am alone in my feelings. Really?! You are going to complain about a glow stick...  BAWHHHH!

Wooo-saaa... I'm fine now. I just had to get that out of my system. Over it. Forgive me if I offended you :)

Hope you are having just a lovey lovely week. I just love that word, lovey. Alright my little lovies, till the next DIY.