Yep. It's true. We've dove off the deep end straight into a big ol pile of po-dunk hillbilly wanna be homesteader silliness. We are now proud parents of twelve, yes count them, twelve baby chicks. Wait give me a sec... one.. two.. three........... yep twelve chicks. A bit over zealous are we?! Totally.
   We've, well I have talked about getting chickens for a while now and the hubs just waved me off like I was talking crazy cat lady. So how did I get him to sway my way? I sneakily snuck a (scary!) documentary 'bout our food today and where it comes from called 'Food Inc'. I'd recommend it but If I do and you actually watch it I'd feel like the parent that tells her kid that Santa isn't real. Kinda soul crushing.  After the documentary ended, his (and my) internet search engines were quickly filled with phrases like 'grass fed', 'pasture raised', 'cage free', 'locally grown' and 'organic'. Before the documentary we both jokingly referred to the organic section at the grocery store as the 'Paying more for worm holes and dirt' scam. Not any more. We actually had (are are still having) a serious conversation about purchasing a full share in a pasture raised beef cow and having it processed here in town (way more cost effective to get pasture raised beef).  So it was not a big surprise to come home to our garage being taken over by chicks and coop building materials. 4 Rhode Island Reds, 4 Buckeyes and 4 Salmon Faverolles comprise our flock.
 So my first day conclusions? Chickens are weird creatures. Absolutely adorable as chicks, but definitely quirky. The hubs and I are quickly getting schooled (and schooling ourselves) on chicken. Good thing we have friends and family back east that are skilled in the art of raising livestock.

Just what I need right? More wild things running around?! I've already got these three ^^^^ and one attached to my bosom putting a kink in my style. Just kidding. My style is so totally crazy chicken lady, I just finally have the chickens to complete my ensemble <:-0 --|---<

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