Here we go.... on to round two of my baking quest to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. This time I am focusing on finding the right balance of butter and brown sugar to create the perfect moist and chewy bit of baked bliss . And by George I think I found it! Isn't science cool? Baking is a form of science ya know. Domestic chemistry. Here is the formula....

If you didn't catch it before here is the recipe for version one featuring coconut oil. Crazy to see the side by side right?

Taste Diagnosis: These really are chewy and buttery yummy! Definitely in our family's top three. Very much what you expect a grandma's cookie to taste like. I ever so slightly under bake them to ensure their softness. Because they are made with butter and only baking soda these cookies will flatten much more than other recipes and the tendency to over bake them is greater, so keep a watchful eye for those slightly browned bottom edges! I also recommend sealing these in an air tight container once cool to prevent drying out.

Thanks for stopping by! Next version will focus on being overly chippy ;)