Yum num num num.... This drink is positively delicious. Perfect for any type of party. Refreshing yet not too light. Just delish. This recipe makes one large pitcher, as seen above, but can easily be doubled or tripled to create a huge party batch. Enjoy!

*1 can of frozen limeade concentrate. Found in the frozen juice section of your grocery store
*12 oz of clear or golden tequila. This can be adjusted to suit your taste. Figure about 1.5 oz in a shot and calculate that into how many people will be drinking.
*4 bottles of Mexican beer. My preference is Corona Extra. But feel free to change it up.
*Bag of limes for glass garnish, but I also like to cut up, squeeze and throw four limes into the pitcher.

*Fill pitcher a quarter way up with ice.
*Slowly pour beer over the ice. It will foam up, so go slow.
*Add tequila and frozen limeade.
*Stir well to blend all ingredients.
*Garnish your glasses by rubbing the edge with a cut lime and then rolling the edge on a plate filled with salt, place cut lime on rim of glass or chuck it, whateva  ;)

Tip: If you are mixing up a large batch for a party, don't put ice into the container. Instead place the pitcher on ice or have an ice bucket near by to avoid dilution.

I love this drink. I think I'll marry it. Me and my redneck beergaritas will be very happy together :) Come and join the fun by whipping up a batch for yourself tonight... you won't regret it!

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