Hello ladies! And welcome the the second installment of my before and after series. Last week I shared with you my before and after for our family photo wall in our entry/stair way. This DIY is for a wall in our family room. Because I swapped out our mushy section for a super fab vintage davenport I had a blank wall to decorate at will. Yipeee! Having something new to decorate is a little bit exciting don't you think? I like to periodically look at our living spaces and evaluate how it is functioning for us, and what (if anything) needs to be adjusted. I dis so by getting rid of the way too modern mushy sectional.
 Here is my crack at an eclectic gallery wall. Full of bits, pieces and photos that are meaningful and inspiring to our family. So with out further ado, here is the before and after....

Fun right? I think so. A perfect mix of sentimental hog wash and store bought items. I started with the flanking corbels and propped art and worked in from there. I drew (an imaginary) horizontal line and moved vertical from there. In the images below I break down what is in the gallery and let you in on a few simple cool ideas.

Starting with this pretty piece of hand embroidery. I picked it up and one of my favorite flea market stomping grounds, Mathilda's Mouse. Can you imagine the time and effort that went into this beauty? Why would anyone ever toss it aside? Oh well, MY GAIN!

This is one of my most prized pieces of art. Not because of monetary value, but sentimental. This sketch is of my mother when she was about a year old and it is by my grandfather. He loved his family so much and I am so pleased to have a piece of him (and his talent) for everyday.

I love this idea! I bet you have seen a few iterations of it on pinterest/internet. A very simple idea, but has great results. Just start with an empty vintage frame and string up some twine across the back. You can then hang pictures or pieces of memorabilia with clothespins. I really like that I can change up the pictures at will, even throw in bits of holiday decor if I want to. It is nice not to be constrained by the dimensions of a frame.

Another quick change idea. An empty vintage frame with a picture tacked in to place with tape.

Here is a close up of the corbels and propped art. I think some holiday art is in order don't you! But for now these pretty flowers will do. (Quick tip... I wasn't happy with how white the frame was so I covered it with the vintage tan masking tape. I like the tone and texture of the tape)

Ok, I know this is not part of the gallery wall but I thought I would share. That is me and the hubs on our wedding day on the right and on the left is my mother and father shortly after he proposed. So sweet... it was even sent out with their announcements. I love seeing my parents in love. A little too mushy gushy for you? Hope not... they are going on 37 years of marriage... if that is not something to appreciate then I don't know what is!

Love it :)

Hope you had a nice weekend. Just an FYI that the family and I are heading out for camping so the DIYs will be out of commish. Will be back on Thanksgiving for a pretty and easy holiday diy and tasty recipe. Think bacon... sweet potatoes... pie... nummy!