This wall has been the bane of my existence. I get heartburn just looking at it. Bahhhhh, it frustrates me to no end!

Ok a little exaggerated , but you get my point. I have had such trouble figuring out what to do with this wall. In the short year and a half we have been here it has had quite a few 'lives'. First it was a dining area. Then a reading nook. Then back to a dining area with faux built in benches. Then  to a holding area for a table I didn't know what to do with. Then finally to this blah nothingness.
 My issues with it are this: It is basically a half wall, as it follows the stair case with wrought iron railings, so not a lot of space to work with. This wall as the access to our under stairs storage. I only use this storage for my Holiday decorations (Halloween and Christmas) so it only needs to be accessed 2-3 times a year, but I still need to be able to get at it. This wall has no trim, as it was removed during the wood flooring installation and was never put back. And lastly (I know this is not a biggie) it has a brown outlet cover. There were no brown walls in this house when we moved in, just lots of brown outlet covers.... ummmm a mystery.
  So one evening I decided to go for it. The hubs was on the night shift and I was just plain sick of looking at it. I whipped out the padre brown exterior house paint and gave that sucker a couple of coats. At first I was worried that it would be too dark, but I am loving it! The flat dark chocolate brown is warm and inviting and a perfect backdrop to the distressed gold and bronze frames I have accumulated. I also finally have a picture wall and a perfect place for my feminine console table. This house lacks a formal entry, so this is me carving out one. Amazing what a little paint can do. A little bummed it took me this long to come to a solution! But hey, I love it now. My advice is don't wait. Your house is YOUR house so do with it what you want!

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