Alright men. Or should I say ladies?! I've manned up and updated the tutorial page  and the recipe page here on this little ol blog. The newer ones are listed at the start of each section, older ones tailing towards the end. Didn't realize there were so many that needed to be added! Oh well, alls good now. But in other stupendous yet not really that important info, I really feel like my groove is starting to come back... full tilt! A few hours spent editing and html'ing and I've got so many ideas flying around up here and I'm excited to give them the ol college try. I will be back in action a lot more around here to stay tuned. THANK YOU so much for sticking by me during this lull, but now that it's over I can't wait to get going again.
 Here are a few snaps of whats been occupying my time... 
I don't usually pick favorites... but that one LONG hair on top of Leland's head? Winner!

This could spell disaster.... or at least a ruined carpet.... well, hey now, I've been looking to get wood throughout so this might actually be a GENIUS idea ;)

baby+sink=happy for dayzzzzzz

october in san diego.... watching the surfers

Pumpkins a'la the Kristies. A perfectionist craft mama, a glitter tape enthusiast Lou and an uninterested little boy Luke, till I told him we could poke it with a stick.

Because duh! He is the captain of adorable!

Here we are. Kristie Family 2014

Muah muah muah
xo Honor