Mama bear tried a little experiment today... and it failed.

Mommy dearest tried her hand at some homemade chalk paint from a couple of recipes found online. Lou saw me mixing it up and was convinced I was baking a cake so all she wanted to do was taste it. Yucky. Bleck. 

But Lou with the attitude had a great time so I guess it is not really a fail. Right? I'll just tell myself that and call it a day.

she had plenty of fun standing in the paint containers... then proceeded to dump them out and sample the bits of chalk. I asked her if they were to her liking and she said 'yummy in my tummy mummy'.


Then I had a flash back to a show I watched once about strange obsessions. There was this girl who ate at least three boxes of chalk a day. Pica I believed it is called.

So I quickly slapped the chalk out of her hand.

We don't want any chalk eaters in this house, No ma'ma.

We stick to paste ;)

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