I know,  the picture above is not quite the image you think of when you hear the words, "Vacation in Chicago". But that's how we like it. Just a dab of the city will do ya. Our family is located about an hour & 1/2 to the west of the city in a quaint town surrounded by corn/wheat/soy fields neighbored by more quaint towns followed by more corn//wheat/soy fields and so on and so on. It doesn't take long to get deep into the heartland of America.
The trip was a success. A much needed refueling for mama here. The kiddos are lucky to have such great grandparents wanting/willing to spend every waking moment with them (and give ol mom and dad a night off in the big Chi town :) )

We love em so so much and I can't stress how great it is to have a fun/caring/loving/understanding relationship with the in-laws.  And btw, aren't those red bud trees just fabulous?! We don't get the 'Springtime Glory' here in SoCal like you do in the Midwest. Where mother nature is like "HELLO! Remember me? Here's some tulips, daffodils, lilies and beautiful bloomin trees for ya... you . are . welcome..."

These two, I can barely stand it. Like Tweedle Big and Tweedle Little. Two of a kind. My FIL's mom pulled me aside once and laid out what I was in for if my kids were anything like him. As a little fella he used to lay in the top bunk and shoot his BB guns at all the family books, just to see how far they'd go in. Oh and pearl snaps. She couldn't keep em on him, he was always shooting off those as well.

Nothing like Grandma hugs in real life. We facetime a lot, but nothing beats a real squeeze and smooch from one of your favorite people.

The boys having a ball in the garage. Aren't grandpa garages(barns/outbuildings/basements) one of the best places on the face of the planet? You can find all sorts of interesting artifacts and contraptions.  Some a little scary... bear traps anyone?! But mostly really cool finds.

We always make it out to the farm while we're in town. Do a little shoot'n, chase the turkeys, gather some freshly laid eggs and take a ride through the cow barn. Like I said. It doesn't take much out here to get into the heartland of America.

All tuckered out after a rough afternoon chasing every type of chicken you can name.

But before that......

Whoot whoot! Mama's first night out.... ever... well, first night out after the babies. I only had to wait three years to finally drag the ol ball and chain into the city. But he treated me good. With rooftop seats at the Cubs game, drinks and dinner with some great friends and finished up with a fab room at the Hilton on Michigan Ave.
Yeah, I'd say he did a good job making me feel loved

After a long day/night out on the town. Draggin a little

Pretty glam right?! A gal could get used to that.

Lucky lucky girl :)

And ps. I did some major window shopping up and down the streets of Chicago, so I've go some major diy plans. This little vacay was exactly what I needed to get my head back into the game.

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