Merry Christmas Y'all! Hope it was a magical, wonderful, joyful celebration full of love and merriment of all kinds.

So here I am @ 34 weeks preggo, in bright and shiny red. JOY... but no really... JOY :)  . For all of my timidness getting my picture taken during this, shall we say, puffy time, I am full of joy and thankful that I kicked my but into the frame. Gotta be present and take part of the family right?! Not just stuck behind the camera.

And here is my family sans a few beloveds who were out of town. We'll get you in red next year! You know who you are!!!

Working hard at his craftsmen tool bench/set. Lucky lucky lucky that pops was able to scoop this up grand set for only $28 at a Kmart closing sale. Beat THAT black Friday shoppers! These pics are so telling of the nature of this BOY. With out any guidance from us (other than him observing his old man in the garage) he has developed a deep love of tools and gadgets. So what else are we to get him than his very own set. 

and what is a princess with out a pretty vanity to sit at and primp. OH BOY is all I can say. We are in for it aren't we?!?!?!

Now if only Santa delivered everything assembled, with extra batteries, put on a pot of hot coffee and warmed some cinnamon rolls in the oven....
I will forever be (gleefully) doomed to my grown husband sneaking out of bed at an unholy hour to wake up the kids so they can dump out their stockings and shake their presents taking turns guessing until I roll out of bed and grumble 'Ok... you can open your presents now....'

Thanks for stopping by!