Crafter's Toolbox: Chalk Inc Paint Pen

The crafter's toolbox is a new feature that will run every week. It focuses on the latest and greatest in craft tool & product innovation. This week we feature the Chalk Inc Paint Pen.

Ever wonder how someone can create this?

images via: & Dana Tanamachi

   I have always been curious how they can create such beautiful lettering and images. Chalk is a lost medium you know, in the words of Alec Baldwin :) . I'm sure these artist have years of practice and tremendous skill (not to mention a bucket full of stencils), but at least I can attempt to create such great works of chalk with these bad boys.
 I have ordered a new set and am excited to give them a try. I will definitely post some images of my 'masterpieces'... but until then I definitely recommend you getting a set of your own. These are sure to spruce up any party, shower or get together.

  Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!