Crafting Reference Books

#1 Martha Stewart' Encyclopedia of Crafts:
An A to Z Guide with Detailed Instructions and Endless Inspiration

This is my bible for crafting. This book is the ultimate reference and touches on absolutely every subject. Yes she is wordy, yes the projects are like 87 steps long.... just throw in your own short cuts and time saving tips and you are go to go. I use/look/drool over this book all the time and it never ceases to give me inspiration for my next project. Click on the book to buy it NOW

#2 Martha Stewart Handmade Holiday Crafts:
225 Inspired Projects for Year Round Celebrations

Do you like parties? Do you like holidays? Do you like anything pretty? Then you need to have this book laying around the house. Full of easy & quick projects, this book is ready to adapt to your every crafting need. You can easily add a little handmade touch to every event. Click on the book to buy it NOW

#3 SEW Sew Everything Workshop
By Diana Rupp (Includes 10 Free Patterns)

Are you interested in sewing? Do you have a cute little old grandma to teach you the basics? Well is you want to sew and don't have a Grandma around like I do then you will love this book. Perfect to learn all the basics and to get your instant craft gratification on. She is creative and to the point. Love her, love this book.. if you get it you will be breaking out her patterns and making your own clothes, stuffed animals and accessories in no time. Click on the book to buy it NOW

Hope your week is progressing well... I am glad that it is Wednesday and that the weekend is just around the corner. The hubs has been busy busy and I and missing him. Thanks for stopping by and if you have other reference books that you live/die by, please pass them my way!