Currently Reading: Domino The Book Of Decorating

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh AAAAAhhhhhhhhh AAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Do you hear the angels singing and the harps playing? Here let me open this book again....

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh AAAAAhhhhhhhhh AAAAAAAHHHHHHH.... there you go.

   Well it's what I hear when I open this book, anyway. My decorating bible. Oh I just love love love it so much much much. Why!? You ask? Because it is just plain freakin AWESOME. Period . . .  Triple period. Also because this book is based on my ultimate (now deceased whaaaaaaaa... WHY!!!!) glossy, DOMINO.

  This beaut is so much more than just a stash of eye candy. It is chock full of tips, tricks, advice and yes, inspiration. All the ideas are doable, lovely and I'll say it again, awesome. So when I say that I am currently reading this, I mean that I am always reading it. This purdy lady sits atop my coffee table at the ready for my sticky fingers.
Hummm... gross Honor... sticky fingers? Really?
Well, yea! I do have two kids ya know....

ok enough talking to myself and onto the goods...

Domino walks you through every room and every style from start to finish. It helps you see what works and what doesn't, and explains why so.

lots and lots and A LOT of gorgeous images

Again Domino walks you through many decorating possibilities and tosses in bits of architectural/decorating history while you are at it.

Lays it out... plain and simple

My ultimate bath. Rough wood floors, claw foot tub and tons of natural light.

Each section is littered with cute illustrations like this... makes me what to sketch up some of my own living spaces. Perfect (personal) artwork.

The book finishes with a giant list of resources. Everything from tile to wall paper to shopping (around the US)... and more

One of the poshest nurseries eva.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. Domino is hefty book. At least a couple of evenings worth.

Hope yous alls have a lovely weekend. There is a ton going on behind the scenes here (for another project) that I hope to share soon. I am literally dancing with excitement over it. Yipeeeee ;)

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