Now onto round two of my currently reading series... and this is by far my favorite decorating book.

Flea Market Chic: The Thrifty Way to Create a Stylish Home by Liz Bauwens and Alexandra Campbell. Photography by Simon Brown.

FMC is one of my top five favorite books in general for that matter. A go-to source for garnering interior decorating inspiration. When ever I need some eye candy, I just close my eyes, flip this book open to any page and then proceed to ogle every minute detail for moments on end.
This beaut is divided into the different styles of what you would call 'flea market': Town, Country & Modern (in other words, Contemporary, Rustic and Mid Century Modern). It also goes through the main rooms in a home: kitchen, bath, bedroom, living as well as outdoors.

Let's take a peek...

I really am painting a mural right now. It is based on a De Gournay wallpaper( OMG totes to die for ;) ). I'll post a tut when it's complete. Which will be in a while so don't hold your breath.

Can you believe that the image above is of a house boat? Sure makes living on the water seem chic (Chic in a chippy paint, rustic, humble abode type of way)

I would love love love to have a solarium in this house... but that type of room isn't very popular here in the south west. I guess it's because of the whole 'always sunny' thing. Anything (or anyone) in that room on a hot summer day would fry like an egg!

I would give this book two thumbs up, five gold stars, a rainbow, a parade and a bouquet of daises.

Thanks for stopping by and having a little read with me.