During our weekly pilgrimage to the library, I decided to take a little detour into the non fiction department. I was greatly surprised to see what an awesome (and totally current!) architecture and home decor section they had! I immediatly spotted this tome of international style. I've seen it on the shelves of all the poshest places... anthro, free people, urban, B&N. Except that $40 price tag always held me back. So I scooped that sucker up along with two armloads of other architecture books (and lets not mention the 15 children's books we already had in tote!). I swear we must have brought home 50lbs of books! When we got home I immediately dove into the pages of this book.... first up in a mini series of Home Decor/Style books
Nomad: A Global Approach to Interior Style By Sibella Court

   Sibella is a world traveler with a keen eye for seriously cool style. Think barefoot in palazzo pants while serving tasty margaritas on your reclaimed Moroccan Terra Cotta tiled patio telling your guests it's time to eat alfresco on you marble topped trestle table surrounded by vintage bentwood chairs with missoni cushions, kind of cool. Yes? No? Maybe that is just me day dreaming, but I really enjoyed Sibella's taste. She divided up the book to cover five countries: Japan, Italy, India, Syria and Mexico. Surprise, surprise it is Mexico and Italy that I relate to the most. The vibrant colors, worn materials and great emphasis on outdoor living.  Here are a few snapshots from the book and some thoughts.

Seeing this image makes me want to cover every surface of my home (inside and out) with something green. Like staghorn ferns, so architectural and sculptural.

Incorporating vintage architectural features into my living environment is so important to me. I want to live among history and character.

Ugh! Images like this just kick my hoarding obession into over drive. Antique scissors?! Vintage tapestries!? Good gawd, love it!

I also really appreciated that she took great care in displaying these interiors in a very approachable way. I can easily see how to incorporate these ideas and themes into my living space. As well as build upon them.

So in essence, I'm thinking that I will have to go out and get my own permanent copy after my check out time is up. Or I could just renew it. Over... and over... and over again :)

On a side note it is our avocado harvest time here on the ranch! YUMMY oum num num num NUM OUM NUM!
Guess I should share with yous alls some of my avo recipes. Gotta do something with the boat load we've got here.

It was 80 degrees today. My azaleas are blooming. Better Homes and Gardens came in the mail. The kids took extra long naps today.
Guess you could say life is rough...

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