Normally, with a title like this 'The Apartment Book', I would be turned away, nose in the air all snooty falooty like. One, because I don't have an apartment nor wish to live in one, and two, I usually put (modern day) apartments in to the 'way way way to ritzy for my pocketbook and taste' category. Like Dwell or Modern Architecture Magazines.... totally non relatable to me and my kin... aka my babies who live in what ever fluffy flouf I like. They are (luckily for me) still young enough to think that my fashion/food/home decor taste is the end all be all.


  This book is put together and published by one of my favorite home decor magazines: House Beautiful. So I thought what the hells I'll give it a looksy. And boy was I surprised! All the rooms are obviously beautiful, very well put together, styled to perfection and basically just the ultimate in 'chic'. I love reading House Beautiful (and this book for that matter) because it helps me edit my style and perhaps grow it up a bit. Gone are the days of ikea furniture (love the accessories, but a sofa that breaks after one summer? thanks!), black light band posters stuck to walls with painters tape and paper lanterns. I say no more honey! Time to grow up and get an antique or two... they really do make a space feel more like home.... here lets look at what I'm talking about

Who says you can't go crazy with pattern? This wallpaper is absolutely fabulous and they styled the space so well that it screams, 'Hey! I'm supa fine!'.

Tells ya that one great piece can totally make or break a space.

A sophisticated and chic way to do a collection. Not at all kitschy

Black, white (marble) and gold accents. The ultimate way to chic-a-fy a kitchen.

Like all home decor inspo books The Apartment Book is broken up into all the main rooms of a home and details how to improve the space. I thought all the tips were well written and demonstrated in their images. Lots of tips for renters, or those of us who can't avoid major gut changes. Quick updates, layout pointers and just general interior design know how.

So all in all, I really do recommend a look at this book. If you appreciate traditional design with a touch of eclectic funk, this is right up your (and my!) alley.

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