I'll be honest. I do a lot of decorating day dreaming. As in constantly. All the time. I always have a running list of possible 'Do this? Or do that', in my mind. 'Rip out the carpet and paint the subfloor?' Or 'Lay down sisal carpet?'. I guess it's all part of being a home maker, I'm always thinking of ways to 'make my house'.
  So what is on my mind right now? Tile. Saltillo tile to be exact. Saltillo tile is the Spanish/Mexican clay tile. The stand by of this basic flooring material is a 18"x18" cream-ish orange-ish square with thick gray grout lines. Fine in it's own right. Some might think it a tad dated or not as stylish as other options, but I love it. It speaks of home for me. Warmed in the sun, walking on it during summer nights, it's like pure heaven to me.
  It's always been on the back of my mind to coat the inside and patio of our 70's Spanish colonial fixer with saltillo tile. Hard wearing, easy to clean, in-keeping with our decor and locale; Saltillo tile always seemed like the logical solution. Now after some pricing research, I've found that there are now so many more options than that standard orange/cream square. Now days you can stain an unfinished saltillo clay tile to pretty much any shade your heart desires. Or you can coat it in a glossy urethane, which seems to class up this humble building material. Or you could go with the cost saving standard and throw in a few hand painted ceramic accent tiles. Hummm.... so many choices! The following are inspiration sources as well as shopping sources that I trust/prefer.

Molly Sims house tour (Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!)

California Art Tile (Beautiful but veeeerrrrryyyy pricy)

Tierra y Fuego

Mexican Tile and Stone (has all the sizes and shapes you could ever want)

So yep. This is what I am doing while I pace back and forth waiting for baby #3 to make his debut. Day dreaming about tile. Lots and lots of dark stained, arabesque shaped, high gloss saltillo tile ;)

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