So so soooooo..... let me start this post off by saying that I KNOW some of ya will think decorating with antlers/heads/mounts is grotesque, kitschy or way to country for ya'll. Others (and I fall into this boat) find decorating with all of the above ^^^ charming, earthy and great! But finding a place for em can be quite difficult, and I want to share a few of my thoughts on this subject. So tune out now if you fall into the first category and listen up if you are like moi.
 This weekend was like striking antler/mount gold. We have a lady friend who dabbles in the buying and selling of mid-century furniture and frequents (invitation only mind you) estate sales. So I tossed a bug in her ear that I was interested in acquiring some antlers and mounts. But with in a strict budget of close to zilch. Because if you are familiar with real (not cast) antlers and mounts they can easily start in the hundreds and veer directly skyward into the thousands. Taxidermy is not cheap. But looky looky here at what we were able to score for a song.

Two very nice sets of what I believe to be white tail deer. Will have to confirm with the hubs

A prong horn. Which all along I thought to be in the deer family but was surprised to learn it's really just a super fast goat ;)

And lastly. The crown jewel. A HUGE rack of Moose antlers. These babies are 58" across. Usually something of this standard/size would cost thousands but we were able to get em for a hundred bucks. Some might say 'You are NUTS!'. But the picker in me could NOT pass these beauts up.

Now the fun ( and difficult) part comes in. Where or where do I put these suckers? At 45lbs careful consideration must be done first. I can't just simply pound a nail in the wall and call it a day. No. This is a job for the handy hubs after I figure out where to put this darn thing!

So how about a little eye candy while I try out some possibilities.

Above the fireplace. A given. But nice none the less.

On an open wall. A single mount. Kinda like an art piece right?

In a grouping above a display/console table. I really like this option, but alas I don't really have a console table like this from Restoration Hardware.

Symmetrically located on either side of a doorway.

Above the bed. This image was featured in Lonny magazine and mind you it's a cast, so probably pretty light. I could never talk the man into painting our antlers. But I really like the contrast in colors here.

How epic is a taxidermy peacock?!

Another gallery wall idea. Handsome with all the wood and leather accents.

What a statement chandelier! Holy Moose!!!

A simplified gallery wall. Nice

I really like this vignette. A vintage chair (twig chair at that) and a single rack. Quite impressive.

 Thanks for stopping by! I will be sure to post pics of the final decorating decision.