We are dirt people. Shoes off, hose on, toes in the mud, under fingernails and yes, smudged on the face. I was brought up under the guidance of a master green thumb (my mama-dearest) and she passed on a deep appreciation and love of cultivating mother nature. While I am still learning my P's and Q's of the landscaping laws, I sure do love the ride (again with my cliches... I just can't help myself). If I can pass on just one of my interests to my baby-kins I hope it's a passion for the outdoors. What one thing do you hope your babies will learn from you? Sure, I want to be able to pass on many things, but once you've got a shovel in you hands and feet in the dirt all the stresses seem to fade away. Mother nature's chill pill....

My little rock muncher

Making one of her 'sculptures' for her papa.

Front yard... Done (for now). This used to be a giant dirt patch. Nothing but weeds and broken tiles and concrete chunks. Now it's a waterwise SoCal oasis.... designed, dug, planted and nurtured all by my little bitty self. I'll share more pics tomorrow. I just shoveled tons of gravel. Gotta give my hands a break.


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