Ok. Love anthropologie but sometimes I think 'you got to be kidding me?!' with regards to their prices.

this is a perfect example

Yellow Bird by Tom Judd....

ok yes it is an original painting/collage but REALLY NOW??? $1500 for a 10"x10" piece of art. One thousand five hundred dollars for less than ONE SQUARE FOOT?!?!?!

So I gave it a try myself. While I am happy with the results I admit that it is not perfect. Well hey now, I'm not a professional artist you know.

Tips and pointers: Gather up a variety of interesting looking papers, photos and cards for your decoupaged background. Just keep them in the same tone/category/theme. I originally wanted to use a gift card that had a bird on it, but alas it was from my grandma and I couldn't bear to cut it up! So I looked around the house and found a mementos box that had a pretty bird on it. I didn't want to cut that up so I took some tracing paper and sketched it out. Then applied some puff paint & marker.  Do it on tracing paper so you can have a second chance if you don't like how the bird is turning out. Also the tracing paper is see through once mod podge is applied so it will look like you painted it directly on the artwork. Paste that on, let dry and then do a coffee grounds wash (but steer clear of the painted bird).

Boom. Anthro art on the cheap.

Think I might whip up a couple of these. Do a series.

Good news/bad news... one of my favorite little mom and pop stores is closing. BOO. But she offered to sell me this GORGEOUS console table at an absolute steal! I asked her about it every time I ventured into the store. Excited about where I can put it and what little tableau display I can create :)

Thanks for stopping by!