So it's a balmy 72 degrees outside and you're trying to get into the holiday spirit, what do you do? First off, yes, I live in San Diego, so yes, it really is 72 or really closer to 78 outside. Snowpocalypse? What's that? Is it really lovely all the time here? Definitely. Hard to get into the holiday spirit? Excruciatingly so. My go to besides spotify is the anthropolgie website. It's always packed with cutesie snow/holiday themed graphics and gimmicks perfectly aimed to get you into the holiday spirit. So while perusing the site I spotted these cute little buggers
and thought to myself... "I can so make that"....which is always on repeat in my head, but this time I actually followed through! Yeah for me. I finished a project. Start to finish. Which to me is an accomplishment in itself these days, screw the outcome, just let me finish one thing!.... I say this as I stare at a pile of clean laundry waiting to be folded (please note that I had to wash this particular load three times due to forgetting about it.)

So what do you need for this project? Some oven bake clay (I prefer sculpey), some liquid leaf paint and various scoring/texturing tools. I used a kabob skewer. Fancy, I know.

Start off by rolling the clay into a ball in your hands and smooshing it around until it is soft and pliable. Roll it out flat to about 1/4" thickness. Cut out a feather shape. Remove excess clay.

Texture and poke at it as much as you like

Add a hole for the hanging yarn and place on an oven safe plate or container. I used a dinner plate that had a soft rise around the edge to give the feather a slightly cupped shape.

Good gawd woman! Clean your damn oven!

bake at 275 for 30 minutes. Remove from the heat and let cool completely before picking up or painting. 

Shake shake shake and use a small brush to paint the edges or the whole thing or whateves

Fancy huh?! Some of them kinda look like fall leaves which is totally perfect for thanksgiving decorations. Which I totally meant to do. Not.

Lub em

The mini antlers are a little more complicated, or really just require a bit of finesse. Start off with a small roll about four inches in length. Taper one end to a dull point, curve the whole roll. Then start adding offshoots onto the body of the antler and smoothing out the connections. I used to skewer to add a bit of texture along the base and striations along the body. I baked these for 45 minutes at 275 because they are a bit thicker than the leaves... oh wait I mean feathers.
Then add a touch of the liquid leaf. I also did a quick spray of clear coat to the feathers and antlers to extend the durability.

Perfect for the tree, of course, but also perfect for gift toppers, thanksgiving decorations, window decorations, book marks? and dare I say jewelry?

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Honor