Back for a super duper quick DIY. Doesn't really need much explanation as it's really just'a simple refashion. Spray paint really is a fantastic invention don't-cha know?! You can do so much with so little effort, time and mula.

I spotted these gray plastic ombre mirrors for sale from Target and thought Holy Crap! These look just like the Ballard Designs mirror tryptic that I have been coveting. And covet on and on I'd thought I'd be, until I spotted these cute little suckers for $12. Totally worth a try. So I took em home and got to work.

   Damn IT! To hell... of course I broke one of the mirrors as I was removing it. Just just a little FYI, don't rush the removal. All you need to do is unscrew the three little screws in the back and gently remove the mirror. DON'T do the gorilla man handle that these chubbers ^^^^^ seem to be doing by klutzing it up lately. Broken dish here, favorite jacket lost a button there. You'd think I'm the hulk with the way I've been tearing it up around her. Grrrrrrrr.... But anywhoser. Just remove the backing and mirror, take to a ventilated area and spray away with the gilt paint. Then after it dries put the mirrors back in and hang as desired. Bingo bongo done-zo

Toodles !