I received quite a few emails about how I made little man's birthday chalkboard signs, so I thought I would tackle another in a DIY version to share with you all.
While google'n and pinteresting decor ideas for LM's bday I came across the most adorable chalk signs on etsy. I don't remember who they were by, but they did cost a pretty penny. Not in the budget. But hey it's just chalk right? Should be simple right? Ummm yes and ah no.  Read on for my tips and tricks for tackling a chalkboard sign of your own...

You will need to start with the supplies listed above. All pretty self explanatory. The paper and pencil to sketch out your ideas and layout before hand and the paper towel to wipe mistakes away.

Don't think I did this sketch on the first shot. No no no. There were many before. Torn out, crumpled out and thrown away. This is the final one that made the cut. As for a 'Stats' board you want to think in quadrants. The upper 1/4 should be reserved for the name & age. Then plan out where you large decorative details will be, like a ribbon banner, a heart or the ticket stubs at the bottom. Then fill in from there.

Start laying out the sign with regular chalk. It wipes away so much easier. Use a straight edge to get nice crisp lines.

The lightly wipe away the regular chalk / go over it with the white chalk marker. It works very much like a paint pen. Keep the damp paper towel handy for mistakes and touch ups. I kept my computer pad close by to draw font inspiration from a couple of sites. DaFont.com is a favortie. All free and a huge selection to choose from. It also lets you type in a sample word in your desired font, then just copy from there. Make sure to work from top to bottom to avoid smearing. Once dry the marker won't smudge, which is great.

Once the white marker is dry, go over/fill in with the colored ones. Also add in lots of flourishes besides the text. This is what will fill in the empty spaces and give the sign that eclectic look. There you go! And what's fantastic about this DIY is that it's chalk... so you can easily fix mistakes or start over if need be. No harm no foul. PS This sign is just a demo, her 'stats' aren't official... I just wung it ;) I still have a couple of months to work on Lou's official bday sign

Thanks for stopping by! What a neat gift idea right?