This one goes out to all my fellow bibliophiles.... holla!

Brass Tacks: Pretty self explanatory here. Find a big ol book, slice it up and shove in a couple of bud vases....

ok that wasn't much help was it?

The key to this DIY is finding a bud vase that will fit inside a book. In this case my book was the 7th installment of Harry Potter (sorry Harry!). It was big, bulky and taking up space... time to re-purpose. I found the little bud vases at where else, Hobby Lobby. They were on sale and were a buck a piece. I had picked them up for another DIY but they fit just so nicely here. Score!
When tracing around the vases be generous, you want to be able to remove the vases for cleaning. Use a straight edge to help you keep your slices nice and neat and be careful with your fingers. This part is a little tedious, especially if you have a really thick book. After you have finished removing the guts it is time to hot glue. I coated the inside of the book and then glued the pages together every 1/4" or so... just select some random pages and glue. Repeat that about 5 times. For the end result I wanted the book to be able to spread apart a bit, but still hold the vases securely. A less still, more natural look. I think it came out pretty good. A nice little addition to our library. And by library I mean the huge stacks of magazines that are steadily filling up all our shelves/cabinets/cupboards/drawers/under beds/closets ect ect ect. I can't help it... I am a hoarder of magazines. Help me... really... help

Any whooser... are you ready for the weekend? We sure are. Mama needs to get out of the house and let the little hellions burn off some energy. Hope you have some great plans lined up too... maybe a couple DIYs???

Thanks for stopping by

ps. Camera is on the fritz so the pics are via my telly-phone... hope they are adequate enough for you to see what is going on. It will be fixed pronto and thank you for you patience ;)