DO IT YOURSELF Bookcase Dollhouse

A perfect rainy day project. This little old lady of a bookcase was fancified over the weekend. All it took was me dragging out my unbelievably large stash of scrapbook paper, scissors and many glue sticks.
Plus # 1: It is free! Go green right? Recycle, reduce and reuse...
Plus # 2: The kids can participate.
Plus # 3: The finished product is so darn toot'n cute.

Here we go... tricks and tips follow below each picture but this DIY is pretty self explanatory...

We had a pair of these dorm room grade IKEA bookcases taking up space in Lou's room. This one wasn't really getting much use, so I thought it was about time it got re-purposed into something great. As you can see I really did a bang up job painting the laminate. I think a little more research into how to do that properly is needed.

I knew saving a few of these would come to good use!

Scissors worked for this part, but feel free to use a Xacto knife and cutting board if you want perfect lines. We prefer wonky in this house.

Have fun with the patterns you choose. Go nuts, mix plaid with checkered with stripes with floral with the hokey pokey.... it is a dollhouse for goodness sakes!

Yes, yes... much easier if you glue the back and side 'wallpaper' on before attaching the dividers with hot glue.
Hummm, looking at this picture I can see that I skipped the 'ceilings'. Might go back and cover that with some lincrusta looking scrapbook paper. Hey! I was fielding a toddler running rampant with a glue stick and a crawling 6 month old using my legs as an obstacle course while creating this dollhouse 'masterpiece'.... no harm no foul if I don't cover all the details, right?

We love pom pom trim, thought it would be nice to incorporate it somehow.

You can really go crazy adding all sorts of details. Everything from mini family portraits (cut up pics) to flowers in vases  to hanging chandeliers (single earring) to mirrors (an old compact). I could spend hours creating all sorts of goodies for this pretty mini abode. But I restrained myself because I knew that more than likely my little efforts would go unnoticed and inevitably mushed under Lou with the attitude's Paul Bunyan grip. But boy did I have fun making it! Also seeing Lou's face when I told her it was HER VERY OWN DOLLHOUSE was the bazoombas...

Pretend play is the best. Don't you think? A healthy imagination is so important.

Can't wait for our tea party here tomorrow. Perhaps I will squeeze in a little more decorating. I am thinking the entry needs a picture wall and a chandelier, plus we haven't even started on the family room! Oh decisions, decisions!

Making some mini dolls to go with this pretty palace is definitely in order. Off to do some research on DIY dolls :)

Thanks for stopping by!