Here is my tweak on a crazy popular hairstyle right now, the braided headband. Nothing really that crazy, I just threw in a couple of fishtail braids. I think I actually prefer a fishtail now. If I braid my hair with a couple of these, while it's still damp, after it drys I'm left with some pretty (and natural looking) waves. If you haven't already, check out my braided fishtail crown DIY, it's pretty popular. Or go here to see the rest of my beauty diys. Now onto the tut

Simple, pretty and it keeps the hair outta yo face. You could also x-nay on the large fishtail braid and go free stylin with just the braided headband.

Most people won't notice till your walking away, head on it looks like a simple side braid... but whoa-nelly! when you turn your noggin peeps will be impressed.


Thanks for stoppin by!