Branchlers? Yes I said it... branchlers. The hubs is a little peeved about this DIY. He has been nudging me for a while about hanging a deer head or two in the house and I have adamantly said no. Not just no but HELLS NO!
  I am all for hunting and fishing, I just think it crosses the line to bring such game into the house as home decor.... just a tad creepy when you are wandering around in the middle of the night looking to get a glass of water. Just what I need to do is scare the bejeezes out of myself. Um no thank you mister!

Back to the DIY. I think it came out pretty charming. Might do a couple more in some fun colors. Might even paint the branches. A little Dr. Seuss like.

What you need: A wood base from Hobby Lobby... scored all mine for less than a dollar. Some paint, some twine, some twigs/branches and a boat load of hot glue.

What to do: Spray the base with a couple coats of paint. You could do a wood stain as well but I like to Scandinavian look of the wood vs white. Let the paint dry and scuff it up a bit, adds to the rustic appeal. Then select the branches you will use for the branchlers. Slice the base of the branch so it sits flush against the wood base. Apply a big ol' glob of hot glue and hold in place till the glue dries. Then repeat on the other side. Don't worry if the glue runs a bit. After is dries you can take a craft knife and slice away the excess.  Then take a length of the twin and wrap the base of the branchlers. Tack with glue if needed.
Tip: It is good to know before hand if you are going to attach the branchlers to the wall or just prop them up. If you are hanging them then you want to screw in a picture hanger before painting. I just rested mine on a couple of nails for the pics but I will be attaching a bracket for the rest of my branchler collection.

That's it! Simple, rustic.. perfect for man cave decor. Or woman cave.... if you have one.... lucky you, you scoundrel you.

there they are in all their glory on my office wall. I like how they look against the book pages. Nature vs graphics.. neat-o

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a super duper weekend. We have a family reunion to attend so there will be lots of pics. Those generations photos are mighty important.