BoooooooooBOOOOOOOboooooooBoooooo..... it is starting to feel a little spooky around here.... and I am loving it! In preparation of our family Halloween party I am thinking 'zones'. Drink zone here, food zone there, treat zone here ect ect ect. Right now I am working on the 'entry' zone.  I have an old cauldron and wrought iron fence section that will be for witch broom parking. It just needed a little clarification and this sign is just what was in order... here we go!

Tips & Tricks:
*The wood plaque was found at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 and all other supplies were on hand.
*Sprinkle a little black and sparkly bronze paint onto the plaque and rub in with a paper towel. A little darker around the edges and lighter in the middle. Let dry
* I tooled around on the internet until I found a font that I liked and could easily free hand. Feel free to print &/or stencil if you don't want to free hand.
* Pencil the lettering lightly to get the placement you prefer. Start with thick sharpie, outline with white gel pen and then finish with an extra fine sharpie. Add outline or embellishments as desired.
* Give two coats of polyurethane and set to dry.
*Attach rope to back with hot glue or staple gun and hang in your 'parking zone'.

Cute right? I got the idea off of etsy but was not in love with the fonts & colors. Today I am making some witch brooms to go with this sign. Stay tuned!