Well, here is the finished product. My built in office area in our kitchen/great room. It really is turning out to be the best set up. I can check email and whatnot while the kids snack or play and still be able to keep a keen eye on em. Before I felt like I had to 'slip away' and hole up in our office/guest room while they were sleeping or otherwise seriously occupied. More often than not I'd hear a crash bang boom in the other room and have to stop what I was doing to see if there were any missing fingers or toes. So, while these two are still keeping me on my toes, I do feel I've been able slip in a few more minutes of productive work out here. I am also finding myself to be more organized this way. As soon as a bill or what ever comes in the mail I file it right away or sit down here and take care of it. Whoot whoot to no more late fees right? Hey, who said I was completely grown up?! It's a process right? Also, once these babies are of homework age I can help/monitor while cooking dinner or ect.

 Basically the set up is this. An old computer desk and two bookcases topped with some stained planks of barnwood. I also constructed a mini return to help with the 'built in' look. I hate the look of exposed wires so I tacked on some burlap with decorative nail heads. And major bonus I can slip the leather footstool I use as a chair under the desk and it's magically out of busy little feet-sies or clomping bootsies way. Saving space is key in a great room where everything happens.

And what self respecting decorista mama doesn't want/need more display space?! It's just the perfect little space to display a rotation of decorations and family photos.

Topped off with some home made art.

This little kitty cat found her new favorite hang out. Guess I'll have to reserve our more important papers and decorative objects to the upper shelves for now...

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