Such a simple and totally fabulous refashion! It hurts my brain (& pocketbook) thinking about all my past clutches, purses, clothes (ect ect ect) that I tossed out thinking I couldn't salvage em. I plan on sharing how I made this simple felt clutch tomorrow, so check back in if you are looking for an easy ipad or kindle travel case. All you need is some thick felt, a sew on snap and your sewing machine.
    But back to this refashion. The key is to water down the glitter paint and get the right finger splatter technique. Just fill up the brush with the watered down glitter paint and run your finger tip across it like you are scratching an itch. Do this motion about two or three inches form the surface from your fabric. I suggest practicing on a scrap piece before you try it on your finished product.
You could go all willy nilly with colors and glitter. I tried to keep it on the simple (hopefully chic?) side by using just one color of glitter and directed the splatter in one direction.

If you use a thicker paint you could get some seriously super cool drips going. BTW the thicker the paint is the more it will drip and less it will splatter.

I think this clutch made the cut and will become part of my weekly rotation. Great for the winter right now because of the felt fuzzy texture and chic because of the glitter. Glitter really does solve everything right?!
Thanks for stopping by!