I know the pictures are a tad dark but I really wanted to try and convey the magical (and super feminine) feel of this lampshade. It came out so warm and well, pretty.
I picked up those vintage curtains a couple of weeks ago. Aren't those pretty too? Love them, love looking at them, but I am not so fond of the thing hanging in front of them. The fixture over our sink has never been right. It was just something I picked up at Lowe's one day when the hubs told me that his electrician friend was coming over to put in our school house lights ( to replace awful awful awful drop ceiling fluorescent overheads.... why I ask you why?!?!?!).
Sooooo until I find something to replace the fixture why not cover it up with something super pretty to look at? A little spring time perkiness while washing the dishes.

 This would also be a fantastic number for a petite bebe's nursery, no?

and it cost me a whopping $5. All the supplies came from the Dollar Tree. Pat pat pat. Don't worry about me I am just patting myself on the back.

It is raining pretty hard here. I love days like this. Where I can justify having a raging fire in the fireplace... which is not all that often in southern California. No lights on in the house except the twinkle lights. Babies are napping. I'm still in my jammies and slippers, crafting away at the kitchen table, feeding the dog table scraps.
Yes, life is good when you can keep it simple. If only it could stay that way. But of course life is not all that simple. Life can hit you like a frieght train one moment then it can feel like swimming in a pool of jello the next. Hummm. I wonder what that would really feel like. Swimming in jello. My tidbit of the day.

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