DIY Conundrum: To paint or not to paint.... Upholstered furniture that is...

Via Hyphen Interiors

Hey guys! Have you seen this before? People are actually PAINTING their UPHOLSTERED furniture with a mixture of latex paint (aka house paint) and fabric medium (used to keep 'wearables' somewhat flexible and soft after being painted/decorated).

Crazy right???!!! But the results have actually been pretty shocking... shockingly great! See, I have this large settee/sofa that I have been procrastinating getting a slipcover for or biting the bullet and paying to get it reupholstered. Costly yes, but I will get exactly what I want.

But then.... but then.... perhaps I could just paint it? I was going to cover/re-do it anyway right? So if I totally botch it I can just tell the upholstery shop that I was stopped behind a paint truck and there was this crazy accident and some purple paint fell out onto my sofa and and and.... don't judge me k?!

Here are some tuts I found floating around. All are from other sites I don't follow so I can speak to their quality/honesty/style...

Via The Niche

Via Oakridge Revival

Via Bella's Crafty Mama

Via The Magic Brush

So what are your thoughts? Yes? No? Maybe So?

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