Saw these the other day at Urban Outfitters...

Cork Letters

Cool. Cool... but I bet I can beat that price of $12.00 each... and tweak it so it fits my style.  So here we go

What you need: A roll of cork. Found it at Hobby Lobby for $9.00... and it is a LARGE roll. Could fit a dictionary's page worth of words on it. Some wood or card board letters, spray adhesive, craft knife, hot glue and some popsicle sticks.
Tips & Hints: Pretty simple. Spray the front of the letter with the glue, hold it down firmly on the cork and trim it out with a craft knife. Careful with your fingers! Use some popsicle sticks to attach the letters together like I did for my Kitchen Sign DIY. That is pretty much it! Simple and easy plus you can get really creative with what words you make. Each word cost me less than $10 to make... beat that Urban Outfitters! Oh yeah that's right you can't!

now I am off to do what the sign above says.... play :)

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