You are either firmly on the cowhide decor train or you're not. I, sadly, am (or was, wink wink ) frantically racing to hop onto that train, but my darn piggy bank full of pennies and not benggies was weighing me down. Wah-wah. On the low (as in crappy) end a cowhide will cost you at least $300 and on the upper (as in baller) end one little rug will cost you a couple grand.  Not that long ago I was perusing pinterest and found these stunners from Shades of Light....

What more do you need? Cowhide and Gilt glittering patches? Be still my decorating heart! I think I've found my rug soulmate! But alas alas... the price makes it a no go. Exspecaily for a rug... that you walk on... that will get dirty.... that you can't wash.... so that's ah-no.

Staying true to form I diy'd that sucker into a gold glittering cowhide oblivion. Read on to see how I'a did it....

So pretty in person ( and realistic to boot!)

Tips & Tricks:
*Start by laying out the drop cloth, iron if needed. You will also want to put something under it because the paint will soak through.
*Slop on a heavy coat of white (off white/cream) flat interior house paint. This is key! Not only does it add wight to the drop cloth, it also adds some stiffness and provides a great start for adding your colors and metallic accents. Let dry for a couple of hours. You will use about a quarter of a gallon to cover the whole 6'x9' DC
*After the white paint is dry you will need a couple of paint samples and a sponge. I started by lightly sponging the two colors in patches and then rubbed to fill in. You want all of the white covered with a slightly mottled texture.
*Then get out your metallic spray paint and cover the tip with your finger, this will cause the paint to drip and spray. Spray away about 3' from the surface. Just FYI paint from a can is FRICKIN FREEZING so do it in short bursts. We don't need you getting frostbite.
*After all the paint is dry fold the DC in half. Take a pen and sketch out a cowhide shape from a reference image. Trim out, unfold and adjust edges if needed.



Ever been really really like really happy with a diy project that turned out like, really good? Well this is it for moi. I just prop my feet up on the ottoman and stare at it while the kiddos dance. Yeeeeeeee!

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