Anyone else have a scarf monster in the bottom drawer? 
I do!
....Or did :)
This unruly creature is composed of all your beloved scarves entwined in such a giant tangled mess, you can't even close the door or drawer. Bulging. Annoying. Frustrating. Pain in da rear-o.
So off I go on a pinterest, google, flickr, library book inspiration adventure. There are all sorts of nice ideas out there, but I wasn't just looking for a (very practical, yet very boring) scarf hanger. Ya Know. Those regular hangers with a million little hoops or hooks. Fine and all if you you want to hide your scarves away. I, on the other hand, love and adore my scarvsies-warvsies and feel that they deserve to be doted upon. Ogled, if you may. One of my favorite ideas out there was to wrap scarves on a ladder leaning against the wall. But alas all my ladders are occupado right now with plants and such, so I sprang off that idea and used an old shutter that I found on the side of the road. For fa-ree!
Couple of Shutter Scarf Display Tips:
*If you are working with thick knit scarves simply remove a slat or two to create a larger opening to slide the scarf through.
*A couple of nails should suffice in holding it up

Additional Scarf Storage and Organization Tips:
*If you must store them in a draw, wrap them up into a tight roll and secure with a ribbon to help keep them contained.
*Take a couple of scarves and display them in a decorative box or basket about the house. Think of them as additional home decor accessories. I love the beautiful paper gift boxes you can find at Home Goods or The Paper Source. Original purpose was for gifts, but at only a couple of dollars and their purdy patterns, then are almost too good to give away!
*Divide your scarves into a 'Summer' and a 'Winter' selections. Store the off season one in a container in your closet. Have the in season ones in view, that way you'll use em.

Here are a few of my other favs...

Via Martha Stewart
On paper towel holders

Via Natalme
On a home made ladder

Source unknown (please let me know!)
A Branch Coat (or scarf) rack

Via Twig Home
^^^Could also work for scarves, an old rake ^^^

Bonus: I also did some jewelry organizing and decided to create this sweet little vignette. Using a couple of old horseshoes, which have a couple of nails still intact. Just perfect for a few of my pretties to dangle about!

Doing some major purging of 'stuff' right now. Ever get like that? Just get so sick of all the clutter and before you know it you've given Goodwill half your belongings?
Just me?
Oh well, I guess I need to do a little shopping now to fill the voids ;)

Thanks for stopping by!