This has gotta be my all time favorite braided hairstyle. And let me tell ya, I've had at least 2 feet of hair my entire life, so there have been quite a few braided dos. 
  Boho dos can be more difficult to maintain than you think. I love the whole 'wind swept/slept-in/party-all-night' look, I just try to steer clear of the 'homeless' thang. This do does have the boho braids down pat, but also keeps you looking chic because of it's clever twist (more on that soon). I also have bangs and a little layering. These are the arch nemesis of braids and side buns. Both of which are staples in boho. A simple side bun (with out braids) quickly turns into a lopsided princess lea, because half of my hair (the layers) have fallen out. And I hate having to use a million pins at the nape of my neck to keep them put. So what to do, what to do.
I went all Jack Bauer/McGyver on the side bun and improvised using just my hair (and a couple of elastics).

Did you catch it? The secret (not so secret) twist that makes this do really fantastic?
It's the TWO french braids at the front.
A. It tames wild, undone/in the process of growing out bangs
B. It captures the layers and keeps them in the side braided bun. It tells those pesky things to STAY PUT!

I have gotten many-a compliments on this hairstyle and thought it would be nice to share. I only have experience with long hair, but I be this would work for midi cuts as well.

Thanks for stopping by.