If you share any of the same decorating tendencies as moi (impulsive yet a penny pincher) then this DIY it just for you. Lately I have been on a bit of a yellow kick for decorating the shared kid's bedroom. I bet it all started with our beloved Rody. Rody is our bright yellow bouncing horse. With his little red heart forehead, chubby little body and stumpy legs. He is just so full of sunshine and cheer. One of my favorites of the toy herd. So on my journey to incorporate yellow into the decorating scheme I fell in love with idea of striped yellow curtains. But alas these are not easy to come by. All that I have found have been fully custom and mucho dinero. Plus... I already had perfectly good tan suede texture/micro fiber curtains. They came with the house and I bet were pretty pricy. Being fully lined with black out material, they have been just fab for nap time. So my dilemma ensues. Can I justify going out and getting custom curtains made? Or buy the fabric & black out material to make them myself ($$$$$$$$$$$$) ??? Or do I just have to live with what I got....harumphf.
 No I say, NO! None of the above. I will improvise!

   So here they are in all their neutral glory. Not bad, just nothing special. Yes I could paint them, but alas, that can be so time consuming and messy. I could stencil them. Again messy/timey. Stickers? Agh I think not. And what if I change my mind somewhere down the line (uh, that is not a maybe, it is an actuality).
   But wait what is this I see at the 99 cent store? Duct tape? YELLOW duct tape?
A-ha! I have found a solution Scotty! I will tape those stripes on and be done with it. So here is how I did it... prepare yourself, this is some serious rocket science.
*I scooped up four rolls of sunshine yellow duct tape
* laid out then curtains
*started at the top
*followed the top seam
*three stripes thick per stripe (just barely overlapping) and eye balled the rest.

all the while herding cats, oh wait, I mean entertaining a baby.

And I couldn't be happier with the results. I was pleasantly surprised at how chic it looks for being duct tape. It is not as shiny (or in your face DUCT TAPE) as I expected. Just perfect for the 'trying really really hard to be gender neutral bedroom'. I literally have to peel my fingers off and hold my grasping hands away from my numerous turquoise and pink paint/decor/accessories. Poor little man! It's bad enough that he got stuck with a pink car seat, pink sling, pink bouncer and a pink high chair! I really have to draw the line somewhere. Also, so far anyway, when I lift up the tape and peek at the fabric underneath there is no residue or marks left behind. SO.... when I change my mood again, I can simply peel off the tape and try something else.

Hi Rody!
Framed potato sacks are from my father in law. How's that for some manly nursery/kid's bedroom decor?!

I am still working on finishing up this room and will have a full room tour coming soon. But till then, chew on this tid bit... I was able to create custom draperies for under $5, use what I already had at home and make them while entertaining the kiddos. Pretty dang good mama.

Thanks for stopping by!