Thought I would ease back into my diy'n from my 'summer break' with a real quick and easy art diy.

I am doing a bit of a rearranging in our upstairs media/family room. I recently got rid of our mile long ancient davenport and now I'm trying to gear the decor to a bit more sophisticated Spanish revival type feel. So while I figure out what I really want I needed a space saver. Some quick, easy and cheap art to fill up the blank loveseat wall. Yes, I could leave well enough alone and not put anything up while I find  my 'forever' piece. But that's not really my style. Plus Lou even helped out with this one.
 First up is to search the back of your closets or garage or storage bin ect ect ect. I'm sure you have some cheap framed posters or art prints that you wouldn't mind sacrificing. That's exactly what I did. I've had these Paris themed posters for ages (high school?) sitting in perfectly good frames in the back of my closet.....

  Pretty self explanatory here. I wasn't really into the black frames so I took them apart, cleaned em and gave them a quick coat of my favorite spray paint.

  Then I set to the art. I gathered up all my odds and ends paint and started slapping it directly on the Paris posters. Why throw away perfectly good poster board? I was going to do a much more complicated ikat like pattern, but decided against it when Lou asked to help. So simple zig zag chevron it was. To class it up a bit I used some metallic gold paint. Made it seem a little less juvenile. Then I topped it off with a dash of white and black puff paint for outlines. Like eyeliner, but for art....

Simple, pretty and it has gold. I can never have enough gold

Can you tell which one I did and which one Lou did?

Oh well, it made her really happy to help her mama.

Thanks for stopping by!

ps. funny how I just recently posted about how I was over chevron yet I painted it..... I guess we will never be rid of chevron, it's here to stay ;)